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There is something about silence that comforts me. Also, there is something about silence that puts me on the proverbial edge. Silence is golden, but is it always best?

When my generation were finding their way through the world, we often heard this phrase. Do not speak unless spoken to. Or even better than that phrase, this. Children are to be seen and not heard.

With all of that sage advice on silence, it is no wonder that our children and grandchildren are allowed to run wild in Wal Marts across the country. Something about hearing this advice, made us want to give away trophies to everyone that plays a sport.

Love and Silence

Most of the love I share with others is cloaked in silence. The good I do in the world is often overlooked by those who require flashy statements of goodness. Nothing is worse than a cymbal clanging or a trumpet being blown to celebrate a good deed.

Of course, that is only my opinion.

Perhaps the world needs more examples of how to react in love. Without the pretense that recording or discussing good deeds is somehow missing the mark that Love has painted.

On love and silence, my only opinion is this. Work in love, breathe in love, and bathe in love. Those three things will help everyone, and mostly us, in the long run. Silence is sometimes golden and it might be better seen and not heard. Maybe.

Spotlights and Silence

One of the best friends for silence is light. When silence and light work together, something special happens.

Imagine a child spying a cell phone under their bedsheets late at night. Long after the bedtime that was prescribed by some parental authority. One of the best remedies in the developing world, is to simply turn on an overhead light.

We have all experienced this sensation. That overwhelming feeling of being “caught”.

While there is little I claim to know about justice, or even curfews for cell phones, I do know that light helps keep people honest. Body cameras, crowds, media, and even a simple and understated presence affords those in power the extra second they need to decide on the right reactions and actions.

We are spotlights, even without making a sound.

If we truly want what is right, and if we truly want what is best. If we seek to help others, life will present opportunities for us to become witnesses, rather than agents of change.

For some, being a witness, or a spotlight, helps the urge to break their silence, without having to speak. This is an important job for those who want to create change.

Silence and the New Age

The very best of things for promoting change in the world came late in the history of the world. Recording ideas that promote thought and change… changed the game. There are several ways to communicate and idea in the modern world, and that is the savior of the New Age.

If you are uncomfortable with your community, there are others at your fingertips. When you suspect your ideas are valid, yet not accepted, the chances of you finding camaraderie are increased.

We need to practice silence, around certain groups of people, but there is always someone who might make us feel more comfortable. What you struggle with, may be something another mastered a long while ago.

Social media and print media, television and audio recordings, community gatherings and communal initiatives, have made the likelihood of a better world, a much better bet. We can take that bet with confidence.

For all there is to complain about in the world, there is something over and more to celebrate.

If we are able to be happy, however, for others and ourselves, we win. Plain and simple.

Be happy for others. Be happy for yourself. When it comes down to those moments when neither seem possible, we should understand that everything changes very often. Something good is bound to happen.

Stay alert.

Silence Is Not Silent

Usually, what we think of as silence, is not silent. Especially in the developing world.

If we sit inside, and meditate, we might notice the hum of electronics. If we choose to meditate outside, we might notice the croaking of frogs.

We may be tempted to block these out, and we might convince ourselves we have, but in truth, the “noise” is still there.

All of what we might change is noise. World hunger and mortality rates, war and terrorism, and even what we find to enjoy, are noises in our minds. We cannot clear our thoughts.

However, we can incorporate them into our meditations.

Tich Nhat Hahn calls this practice, “bells of mindfulness”. By using a car horn to remind us that life is good, or by using the chirping of the birds to prompt our belief in angels, we are able to be ever mindful of what we would like to remember.

Hypnotists might call this an anchor, religions might call it a prayer bead, and I might call it a reminder. The goal is to be reminded of intentional thoughts throughout the day, and rather than let our minds wander through mazes of anxiety and worry.

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