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Deepak Chopra speaks of activating the Dance of Life. There are infinite possibilities on this dance floor, and if you spare a moment, I will show you why.

Though life is worrisome at times, we truly do get what we give. Where we find love is often where we have sewn love. What we find useful, is always what we have offered to others for free.

However, manifesting our destinies comes with a cost. Though the cost is determined by our mindset, we come to a place in our lives, where living seems mundane.

If I take the time to help others, am I not helping myself? If I find joy in living, is it not through gratitude alone?

With all that I have in me, I am asking you to suspend your belief in what you think you know, and imagine with me. What follows is a story of extreme possibility, in a simple expression of love.


When my mother told us she could not go on vacation, my father took the reigns. We loaded up some version of a station wagon, and set out for the proverbial, and literal, coast.

There were battle grounds and forts, killer whales and animated mice, and love. Though we had been to Disney World before, this time was different.

Where before my mother and father bickered over the cost of orange juice, the circumstances had changed. This time around, we had time, and the occasional glass of juice.

For every action, they say, there is an equal and opposite, reaction. I am unsure about all of that, but what I do know, is that for a solid week, my father, sister, and I, were comparable to Indiana Jones on steroids.

The Journey

We stopped along the way, all the way. Nothing deterred us from any thought or notion that crossed our minds. Life was exciting and it was all done without a GPS navigation system or cell phone.

When we needed to go west, we looked to the sun. When we needed to go east, we determined where the sun rose. And, if we found we were lost, we determined that being lost was just a state of mind.

Proclaiming that we would, “get there when we get there,” we set out each morning with a destination in mind, but no real plan as to the “how’ of it all. While I wondered what we were doing at times, I also knew the man in charge.

That man was my father. That man was the one that had brought me that far. Whatever might come our way, or whatever we might run into, he was the captain of so many ships.

Thunder Dome

There was no thunder dome at Disneyland, but there was a geodesic sphere with a roller coaster inside. In classic Walt Disney style, the mascot for the ride was called, Figment.

I often wondered if these memories were indeed a figment of my own imagination. I suppose the memories are real enough, but what I also know is this. Living was easier then and more able to provide free spirits a chance to roam.

Technology was blooming, and I had only to enjoy. We traveled the roads so many before us has rolled upon, but we also did it in a unique way.

There was no thunder dome, but the destination was not about a place anyway. Where we arrived was home.

Home on the road, in a golden “Reliant K” station wagon, where I discovered for the first time, that my dreams really could come true. I received permission from a fellow cartoonist, to dream big, dream well, and carry on.

I began my actively participating in the dance of life.

Push and Pull

I find myself a brother to my father these days. I grown ass man to my sister. Even a man that would sacrifice it all for friends and family.

What does that make me? Happy, of course.

Just a guy with a blog and everything for which to be thankful. Just a guy with two thumbs and a cell phone that meant it when he said he cared.

I am dancing the dance of life. With Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and a host of angels at my command.

Ram Dass is there, and so is my third grade VBS teacher. We are dancing.

Would you like to dance also? It is fine if you sit in the corner. Wallflowers are welcome also.

Stay awesome.

About the Author

I was drawing long before my first wife’s advice to “carry on”… lol.

If you do not know by now, you may never know. My life is like heaven… everyone is welcome.

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Change the world… one smile at a time.

Stay Awesome.

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