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When I was coming up in the world, those around me might say in a situation, “that gives me the willies.”

What in the world might they mean by such a saying?

The definition might surprise you. My premise that most all of the fear in the world is, indeed, “the willies”, will come after three other Willies.

Consider these Willies.

Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson use to wear a suit and tie. He moved from Texas to Nashville to make the country scene. After some success, he noticed that country music in Nashville was a little more about money than about music.

He moved back to Texas.

He kept doing what he was doing, but he felt better not feeding the greed machine. Go Willie.

In the mid-eighties, Willie Nelson noticed family farmers in America were getting screwed by corporations. After calling some of his then famous musician friends, he started Farm Aid.

Farm Aid began as a concert to raise funds for farmers and to raise awareness of the plight of small farmers. He believed that once those in Washington learned about the problems causing issues, they would be compelled to mend the system.

Admittedly (as in he admits it), he was wrong. Farm Aid 2,3,4,5,6, and so on, continue. Because in his words, “musicians know more about what is going on in the world than politicians.”

If you would like to talk about Willie, give me a call. We could go on for hours.

He has a song and a book titled, “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”. That may be our only prerequisite to a discussion.

Big Willie

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Will Smith has a great back story and has become a household name. He also gets a lot of grief from those who believe they know more about life than him.

They say he is too mainstream, or to positive, or even too rich.

That tends to happen around success. As they say, bad press is still press, and he carries on with this or that positive message.

We could go on and on about Will Smith also. His work and contributions are greater than my knowledge of the same.

I like a lot of different kinds of music, and I listen to the words. As I pulled up Will Smith on Spotify to confirm a line for this article, the single release “Little Things” appeared under his discography.

It was new to me.

Turns out, the song had a little clip from Will Smith, but it was by some dude on Instagram from New York, named Thorb. Immediately I typed the name into Google and found he is not even pinging top results in SEO.

I am advocating one song by one artist with the hyperlink. If you like it, keep going. If you do not like it, let it fade from your mind.

I checked his Instagram and the “release” on his page had less than 2,000 “likes”.

Say what you want about Will Smith. He is helping this guy do what he loves.

I have always said the real revolution is the offering of love to a world we do not understand.

I would not follow Will Smith into a fire, though I would help him put one out.

Willie Wonka

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Watch the original movie with Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka.

There is a lot of talk about children and how to raise them. There are morals and lessons that transcend time… like most sacred texts.

Plus, there is candy and chocolate, for days.

There is commentary on what it means to be different in a world full of greed and corporate espionage. You know, like all children’s films should include.

Sometimes I hear people claim they were inspired by Jesus, or Buddha, or Krishna. If they are over 50 years old in America, they were most likely programmed by television for hours as children, while casually hearing about religion.

And as people in certain circles believe this to be a bad thing, for me it is a fine starting point. Not only is it easily read from hearing what people enjoyed as children, it is a fine medium to “program” new beliefs.

Somethings have to be enjoyed to be believed.

Check it out.

What Are the Real Willies?

The willies are a bit like what some call “the creeps”.

They are what I like to call pseudo-fear.

Fear is often a good thing. Pseudo-fear is the worst of things.

If a tiger escaped from a local zoo and found its way to my driveway, fear would serve me well as I backed up and returned to my house.

In the Pacific Northwest, it might cause me to wear a bell as I hiked through the woods to ward off a Grizzly attack, and saving my life.

Fearing God, fearing the future, fearing what might happen if this or that happened, are all good examples of the willies. They are false fears.

Where those fears originate is for another time. What I would like to say might surprise you.

The main problem with the willies and helpful fear, is that the mind and body cannot tell the difference between a false flag and real threat. Our bodies begin creating the same chemicals with each.

Those chemicals might help us escape immediate danger, but over extended periods of time, it also harms us in many ways. Like ulcers, weakening immune systems, etc.

Be a Light

We must have compassion for those with such fears and we must eliminate those fears from our minds. The willies are not the opposite of love, or belief, or trust in the Universe.

The willies are just fears. Only passing through.

Someone may be afraid of lung cancer and another might smoke two packs a day. Allow both of those people be who they are in the world.

Enjoy your life so much that others may suspect you have never had the willies in your life. Also, know that you have had the willies and offer compassion for those that still do.

In the late nineties, I took a guitar into a recording studio and began to play. Never playing those songs before, and never playing those songs again.

The reaction to those songs, and my lack of the willies, prompted those around me to believe I was insane. Maybe I was.

What I learned from it all, is this.

Keep your wild imaginings to yourself. Smile if in the face of meanness. Believe in others and encourage them in whatever they pursue. See possibility in everything. Be yourself.

And love.

Some say there is only love.

There is also fear.

What would I say to you on this day?

Learn to love the fear less, and love the love more.

I am rooting for you.

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Promote peace where you are.

Resting Times kevin
Have a great week.

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