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Meister Eckhart was a priest in the middle ages and is responsible for one of my very favorite quotes. He said, “Be willing to be a beginner every morning.” Seems like a fine quote for starting over.

There is, however, a fine point that I have missed over the years. He advises us to “be willing”, but does not advise that we begin again each day.

Perhaps it speaks to humility. Maybe it is that there is always something to learn. Whatever it is though, he at least suggests we approach the world in a new way… every day.

It is not that we must forget the past, or what it brought to our experience. I doubt that he would advise we not learn from what life has taught us so far.

Maybe it is that we be willing to listen more than speak. Wonder more than be certain. Perhaps, that we consider all that we have known prior to this day as the entrance exam to a world of endless possibility.

It is all too easy these days to focus on the worries and woes of the world. Also, it is too easy to hear the worries and woes of the world and be cynical and less than compassionate.

There is such opportunity to discover what is wrong, we often forget to seek also what is right. The world knocks at our minds and hearts through screens and doomsayers so often, that it becomes easy to believe, what they present, is what is real.

Here are five things to consider when starting over each day.


Nothing about a poll is important or meaningful unless you are trying to manipulate or sway others. This is not high school and you do not have to fit in with the cool kids to start over.


Forget about what your neighbor thinks, what your boss thinks, and what your favorite celebrity thinks, about anything. None of how others “feel” about a subject affects anyone but them.


Wayne Dyer said it like this. “Nobody knows enough to be a pessimist.” Masters from all ages have suggested that the least productive and least fulfilling of all thoughts, are those of worry.


Whatever life has brought to your door, and whatever roads you have traveled to see it, enjoy. Love what you do or change what you are doing. Forget what was enjoyed in the past and try something new, or do some old thing with new a new heart. See the world with new eyes.


Religions are able to give you a set of values if you have no time, but they are often vague and open to interpretation. Set your own values and remember them. Forget what is prescribed in mass doses.


Starting over is not always about drastic change. Even when drastic change is needed. It is often best accomplished when small groups of people make small changes.

Here are a few suggestions to get things kicked off.

Say thank you a lot. Listen to others speak and notice what they mean by what they say. Be nice. Share. Offer love without expectation. Even to yourself.

I know you are awesome. I know you are the best thing since touch screens. What we need most is to take ourselves and our considerations a little less seriously. Most cause we champion could be solved with kindness.

Kindness, though not sexy and able to sell the fear that the world so craves, is most likely the best of all things.

Power was mentioned in the title.

See what I did there? How have I not been asked to do a Ted Talk?

Starting over.

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