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Steely Dan wrote songs in the seventies, and from what I can tell, were very popular. That may seem odd for some of the older folks, because they knew that already. They sang a song titled, “Any Major Dude Will Tell You”.

In 2018, they released another album entitled, “The Best Of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen”. It is a good album also, and combines harmony, rock, and jazz, like their legacy requires.

Any Major Dude Will Tell You is on an album called “Pretzel Logic”, which was released in 1974. 

There is a lot to learn from Steely Dan, but as a bit of a Major Dude myself, I would like to say a few things. Just a little bit of encouragement in a world of uncertainty and trying times.


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When the demon is at your door,
In the morning it won’t be there no more

Nothing is so bad that morning’s light will not bring better. Sometimes it may take more than a few mornings.

There is something that affects our now, by how we perceive the when.

What I am telling you is that no matter how bad it seems, it will be better. That is up to you to believe or disbelieve.

From a major dude that has seen a lot of what people are tempted to label as good or bad, it’s true.

Being You

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I can tell you all I know, the where to go, the what to do.
You can try to run but you can’t hide from what’s inside of you.

Nothing is more satisfying than living life on your own terms. Those terms are yours and not to be confused with the advice of others.

There will be times in your life, if you are living yours, that it might seem to fall apart. It will fall together again.

Stay true to your purpose. Stay true your inner light and voice.

Should we be open to change and growth? Of course.

What matters is what we decide our values are and how we play out those values in our actions. This often determine our peace.

I am not suggesting you sacrifice anything. What I am suggesting is quite the opposite.

The World Outside

Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you my friend.
Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again

You might find yourself in a job that goes against your values. You may find yourself in an organization that treats people differently than you would prefer.

Those are not your people.

Do bad things happen to good people? I am not really sure.

Things happen to all people. What builds character and what creates possibility, is how people react to what happens. It seems a little sappy to say, but we really are responsible for more of what we become than we choose to think.

What that admission does, is allow our noticing that some things are not right in our world. Sometimes that world falls apart.

I promise it will come back together. And if others truly treated you poorly, worry little for what their karma will bring and add your kindness to what your karma will bring.

Even without our trying, our world will fall back to goodness. It is the default. If we simply let go, the natural state of life is to the good.

Prove It

Well, I am not sure that I can.

But maybe you could prove it to yourself. If you were willing.

See something differently. Suspend the belief that you understand a thing completely.

If you normally take this road home, take that road home.

Do you normally comment on everything you see? Practice silence.

Write a note or offer a praise without expectation of anything in return. Care for each other at least as much as you care for yourself.

Download the free calendar, and stick this months page on your mirror. Consider what it says as you brush your teeth.

I do not remember which of my drawings are on the calendar, but they are different from yours, and they are free. Give it a whirl.

Maybe even listen to Steely Dan sing, “Any Major Dude Will Tell You”.

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