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Beyond my backdoor there is a big world. There is the world I imagine and the world that is “real”.

With little trouble at all, I could prove that both exist only in my mind. But, this is not the time for thoughts on the metaphysical.

For the past few months, I have had the luxury of existing in the world just inside my backdoor. While some might still be imprisoned in that world by pandemic restrictions, it has been a gift for me.

It has been a gift because anytime I wanted to go beyond my backdoor, I was free to do so. It has not been a prison because all of my needs were met and I am with those I love.

So what exists in the world outside my backdoor?


Resting Times earth

Though I choose not to watch dedicated blocks of news shows, I do pay attention to some content. Usually, my ability to converse with others is because I have seen what they have seen.

My ability not to immediately align with what they are claiming, lies with the fact that I have considered other opinions also. There is a struggle of mind in most of those around the world.

Worldviews are collapsing. What we have collectively held as truth is proving to be something other than what we needed to cling to for our previous actions.

While the world is slowing down, the minds of those in it, have more time to be offended, worried, and concerned.

This is why I excuse the doomsday speech, the Armageddon alarmist, and the patrons of religion, when they start warning of the evil in the world. Also it is why I let the hippies, the manifestation teachers, and the flower children speak on simple solutions.

There are conspiracies, sermons on heaven and hell, and a renewed dedication to the global environment. These are ways the mind lets steam off slowly.

For years I have seen the world beyond my backdoor one way, and now I am forced to see it in another. It is alright. It is what happens as we evolve.


Much of my life has been spent doing what I believed needed to be done. Much of what I saw beyond my backdoor needed to be altered or corrected in some way.

What I am coming to find, after taking some time away from all of that, is that the world is doing just fine without my participation. The world, and those in the world, are capable of working their own “stuff” out.

There are times when I get excited for what the world might become and there are also times when I wonder if it will survive at all. Most likely, we all do this.

We are tempted, however, to see the world from only our individual point of view. Whether that looks like, “how can I help”, or “how will this affect me”, there is one common element. “I”, or “me”.

If “I” had a recommendation, it would be to spend a little time each day trying to hop into the flow of the goodness in the world, rather than deciding how you will change the world.

There is something bigger than all of us at work here, and the more we allow it to unfold, the less we have to worry about. The more we participate, instead of dictate, the brighter the days ahead seem.

There Is Love

In all of the struggles and striving of the world, there remains love. Most of what people are doing in the world is in response to love.

Even if you cannot feel love when others are ranting and raving, look deeper to find their motivations. When you see something that is absolutely devastating, you might try sending love rather than trying to figure out why it all happened.

There is a time for resistance and revolution. I do believe we are meant to reshape the world somehow. But it must always begin with love if it will have any lasting impression.

The world beyond my backdoor may not be ready for love, but there are plenty of people willing to offer it anyway. Be careful though, some of those that offered only love got themselves killed.

I do not understand the world. I do understand love.

My career and my life have a degree of uncertainty these days, but I believe in love. Some of what we hear from our friends is a little depressing, but I believe in love.

If you think about it, love is what brought you here in the first place. Love might have been a tough road sometimes, but it always took you to a different destination.

Do not give up on the world. Do not give up on love.

You are meant for miraculous things, and in fact, you are already a miraculous thing.

Stay safe. Stay observant. And, as if it could be any different, stay awesome.

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