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After a year like no other, here is a message of hope. We are not alone in the world, no matter what.

We are also not on the path to destruction (regardless of what the evening news may report). The fact that we are here after all of this time should attest to that.

There may be those that do evil in the world, but more and more people are doing simple things to lighten the load of others. Greed still runs rampant, but consider those who give.

Our loved ones are moving on, but they are not lost. Our governments are in turmoil, but there are still good people working for the common good.

Questions upon questions remain, but the most important ones are those we ask ourselves. Social media is supposedly censored, but every squirrel is able to find the nut of its choice.

This is a message of hope, though it is not a message of consolation. The world is at war, groups of people spew hate, and fear is still selling soap on cable television.

Here are four reasons we might smile today.

There Is Only Possiblity

When we were children, we may have found ourselves asking, “why?”

As adults, we probably had to consider the question also. Children love to ask why.

It is time to ask, “what if?”

What if it was more important to be kind that to be right? What if instead of converting another to our religion, we showed the love our religion professed?

In a world that has seemingly gone mad, what if we told the stories of simple graces, gratitude, and wonders? What if we chose not to take the actions of others so personally?


No matter where you think they come from, they are still on the way. Personally, I believe they choose to enter the world. Even in the shape that it finds itself today.

Babies offer a few different expressions, mostly to let you know they are hungry or they are happy. Some parents report babies letting them know if they are gassy.

I am fighting the urge to tell fart jokes here, so bear with me.

Babies are the closest thing we have to heaven next to the very old. One is on the way from, and one is on the way to, whatever heaven may be.

Babies are in and of themselves, a message of hope.

We Choose the Dream

Sometimes I worry for people. I just do.

It was reported after the detonation of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that evangelical Christians were excited. They were excited, because the Bible mentioned the world being baptized in fire.

Please, please, please, understand that ours is not to watch the unfolding of prophecy, but to help create the need for further prophecy. We can co-create the future with the divine or only prove prophets right.

God can change the future. You can change the future.

I promise.

There Is Room For Otherness

Of course there is One Love. Bob Marley was right.

That one love expresses itself in so many ways. Diversity is not about race and gender, but about how we show up in the world.

If we are able to check off a list and proclaim we are diverse, then by virtue of there being a list, we are not diverse at all. Otherness is frightening for some, but it is what makes the face of God.

You may be many things, but you are not everything. I may be one of the things, but it is not for me to be all of the things.

As hard as it has become to believe, there used to be a method of communicating called dialogue. Three or four people might discuss different views and still have their own opinions (just more informed).

In short, let your freak flag fly. Just do not become convinced that you need permission or a flag corps to do it.

And let others fly their freak flag too.

Bonus Message of Hope

This one comes from my mother. She was dying, so it must be true.

She looked at me just before being transported to a wonderful hospice center and said, “God will never leave you.”

I believe her.

We may not have seen everything in the same way at all times, but I believe her.

I believe her because it has proven true so far. I am not much on religion, and your believing this does not affect me, but God will never leave you.

That is as big a deal as you want it to be.

Wrapping It Up

If you are worried, be grateful. When you want peace, do peaceful things.

If you feel unloved, begin by loving something about yourself. When you want to grow love, do a small thing for anyone.

It is possible to be both right AND kind. It is possible to be giving AND receive.

You have a fan in me. You are full of possibility also. The creator of worlds interacts with the world through you. That is a pretty sweet gig.

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