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There is something to be said of the trying of things. The simple attempts we make to do a thing a little differently.

Nothing has to be drastic, and no deep seeded habits have to be disrupted. A lot of people have success with various methods.

We admire the innovators, but do we appreciate their ideas, or do we appreciate their courage? We love a good story about others being helped, but why?

I once worried for the world. I also worried for those less fortunate than me. Worry was my thing.

Often times, when we worry, it is for a thing we lack in ourselves.

I walked around the world believing, that somehow, I was the benchmark for success. That my level of emotional development, my level of income, or my comfort with the divine, was the norm.

What could I pray for others, except that they experience what I knew to be true?

Then I tried something new.

Trust the Process

In many ways, there are several worlds in the world we have come to know. I may have one view of God, while there are billions of other views of God.

What I know about life is what I have learned. Either from experience or from engrained lessons, my experience is uniquely my own.

When we consider the woes of the world, we might trust the process. We will all know what we need to know in time. Our schedule is not the checklist for the Universe.

Wherever we are able to help, we help. Whatever the process needs to be for others, we respect. We trust the divine more than we trust our own desire.

Observing More Than Interupting

A few years ago, I began to listen. I tried to observe the world rather than change the world.

One of the results of this observing, was that I took things a little less personally. My conversations on the wonder of it all were held in my mind, rather than over coffee with friends.

I became less attached to results. If I was doing what I considered “the right thing”, then I was satisfied and moved on.

Simply put, if I reached to help someone up, and they only wanted to pull me down, I let go. Also, I began to hold on desperately to those who wanted to pull me up.

Nothing was ever harmed by a few more moments of consideration.

Being Content

Resting Times let it bloom

We all want more. We all want the world to be peaceful, happy, and full of love.

Gratitude helps me more than anything in this endeavor. Ours is to point the way toward gratitude by being grateful.

We never have the knowledge, obligation, or right, to offer what others might be grateful for, but we can be grateful.

Being considerate in small ways, finding the wins in the smile of a child, and laughing at stand up comedians, are my “go-to”. Sure, ten minutes of meditation is great, but compared to Dave Chapelle sticking it to Comedy Central, meditation is kid’s play.

I also like birds. I like filling the feeder and considering what it means to care for God and how God cares for us.

Every time I do the dishes, I get excited about the possibilities in life. I reach out to new and old friends, and I draw for a Facebook page.

In the face of all of the “seriousness” in religion and politics, I like a good dad joke. It does not bother me to be the fool in the eyes of others because the opinions of others, good or bad, mean so little.

The Real

We are all connected. We are all one.

When something bothers me about someone else, it is usually because I need to deal with it in myself.

If I have a distaste for the wealthy, I may need to work on self worth. If I am desperate to help all of the hurting people in the world, I may need to heal myself.

In some ways it helps to be detached. Buddha was right. In other ways, it helps to be immersed. Jesus was right.

If you want to know the real, you may need to consider the trying of things. Just go a little out of your way to do a thing a little differently.

Should you find it is hard to do a new thing, begin by being willing to do a new thing.

We will never get a new earth, kingdom, or world, by the repeating of things. Possibility is only found in the trying of things.

You and I are so full of possibility we would not recognize the the version of ourselves that God would describe. Love is where it is, and love is the only way we win.

there is only love
“There is only love”

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