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Paul Simon sang about these being the days of miracles and wonder. These days are that indeed.

What else could these days be if not miracles and wonders? Some believe we are in dark times, but how is that so?

We reap where we have not sewn, we take for granted that which is miraculous, and we act as if it is all mundane.

Some of the Week In Review

This week I had video calls with people from across town. Also Croatia, Canada, and various cities in the United States.

There was coffee with an older philanthropist, a young and wild business owner, and the birds in my back yard. I exchanged pictures, thoughts, and encouragement with people from around the world.

I connected with old friends, took a shower every day, ate fruits from orchards around the world, and had time to sleep.

Some of the Week Ahead

Whatever it brings, there will be miracles and wonder. This week will be filled with learning, compassion, love, and kindness.

Not because I am such a saint, or doer of good deeds, but because it is so easily done these days. We all have the power to make some difference in the world.

How we make the most difference in the world is by working on ourselves. Making sure we do not mistake the connection with technology with the connection to Source.

What Source Is

If you ever wonder if you are connected to Source, consider these questions.

Are you grateful for miracles and wonders? When others claim the world is a mess, do you suspect they are wrong?

Here are my thoughts on Source.

Sure, there are troubles, but Source is a constant flow of love in a world that somehow misses that love. We cannot bottle it up, and we cannot claim it for just our group.

Source, or God, or whatever you like, is nothing but universal. Those who believe it is jealous, are jealous. Those who think it vengeful, are vengeful. And if someone mentions it does anything but love everyone, that person most likely struggles with loving everyone.

There really is only one solution to the fear and the hatred in the world. That solution is love.

We all have to determine what that love looks like.

For me it is a drawing. It is a word of encouragement. It is a being there when others are trying to drown you.

Source, or love, can be any number of things. It is available to everyone.

The world needs more.

What Is the Secret?

The secret is to become what you want to receive.

The caveat, is that we must love ourselves enough to discover what real love looks like. Whatever we do must be done in the name of Love, if we are to change the world for the better.

Everyone has a secret. Even those who seem far removed from the consideration of love, desperately need love.

Ours is to be a part of the flow of love. To offer it without expectation. All the while knowing that whatever we give we once received, and the only way to receive more is to make room for more.

And for all of this, I am grateful. Beyond anything I could have dreamed in my imaginings as a youth.

Paul Simon was right. These are the days of miracle and wonder.

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And have a great day.

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