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Some of the younger crowd may not know what the term means. Even I am not a rabid Star Trek fan. We are all tempted at times to say, “beam me up Scotty.”

Brave beings from different worlds collected on a starship, and were beamed down to other planets. They were the bravest of the brave, but they needed a way out once there.

Gene Rodenberry created a story that allowed us older kids to dream impossible dreams. People got beamed down, and sure enough, people got beamed back up, after an often panicked request.

Whatever adventure awaited outside the starship, there was always some assurance, that they could be “beamed back” to the starship.

An over the top Scottish member of the group, Scottie, was somehow in charge of the process. I am amazed by the simplicity of the production, but know somehow that it helped my imaginings.

Scotty Dropped By

Actually, it was not Scotty that dropped by. It was Scott Cresswell, a friend from childhood.

We talked about our fathers and about losing our mothers, also we spoke about Christmas, corporations, and arcade games.

Though we have covered a lot of topics, we always have something new to share. Him caring for me, and my caring for him. After all of these years, we continue to care.

Scott is a wise man. Scott is a man that believes things that I do not. We never try to convince each other of anything, but we get along.

Worry About Dinner

Yesterday, Scott and I were discussing finances, and I admitted I had no idea about what might happen. I told him I was not worried for much, and that right now the sun was shining.

He looked at me with a knowing and asked, “Is your family healthy?”

I said, “yes.”

Scott smiled and said, “you worry about what’s for for dinner.”

He went on about how everything else will work itself out. I believed him.

I did not say, “beam me up Scotty,” yet here I was in a different space that existed before he pulled up to the house.

The Kingdom

Lately I have been looking for the kingdom of God, or the Tao, or whatever the Source of Life might be. It is what I do for fun, and I usually find some trace.

From what I can tell so far, it is in others as much as it is in anything else. There are turds in the world, but I am learning to invest less energy in them.

There are good people in the world, and I am learning to believe more in thoughts of love for them. Birds sing, water flows, and children flash a smile.

These things seem more real to me than anything I received from my time in the corporate world. I tried to see the Tao in that world, but that world refused to see the Tao in me. There is a time for everything, and I am learning not to force a thing.

Beam Me Up Scotty

I am better today than yesterday, because Scott came by. The sun seems brighter today, because Scott spoke words of wisdom.

Whatever I try to do for others, Scott did for me. I suspect that Scott is a kingdom seeker also, though we never cover that much.

Often, we busy ourselves with worrying for how we can help others, that we take little time to worry for us. Scotty beamed me up. He did it with love.

He did it with love, yes, but also with a cigar. A cigar that I will smoke later today in his honor, while considering the miracle of friendship and the blessing of friends.

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May you all see a Scott today.

Resting Times kevin
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