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Who am I to tell you to celebrate the wins? I am just some dude in Tennessee. Just some random voice in a world of many random voices.

Hear me out, and maybe you might understand my optimism. There are so many reasons to celebrate. Not only for me, but for you also.

I have studied a little bit about lving life. My eyes have taken in many sites in many places. My ears have heard many voices from many lives. And if you are ready to hear this, we are all mostly the same.

So much about this life is worth living. So much about what we experience that is less than desirable can be changed in an instant.

You might look at my life and see it as a tragedy. You would be missing the point of living all together.

Can We Celebrate the Wins In a World of Suffering?

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Oh baby. What is it that worries your brain? What is the reason for your frown?

I love the Buddha, because he exchanged nobility for a Bodhi Tree. He assessed the world as suffering and tried to deal with living in that world. His world is not your world.

I love the Christ, because he exchanged divinity for human experience. What he experienced as a human is not what we experience today. His world is not your world.

I love all of what we often call, “The Masters“, because they were innovative in mundane times. They saw the world for what it was and created alternate ways of perceiving and existing. Their worlds are not your worlds.

Fact is, if you are reading this, your world is not as bad as you may be inclined to believe. There is technology, education, and music for days. Most of what you need is at your fingertips.

Take It All In

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Not only did the sun come up today, as it will tomorrow, your basic needs were met. If you live in the city, you live in a great place, find a park. If you live in the country, you live in a great place, find some pavement.

There are gangs, there are private clubs, there are militias. Violence runs amuck. Hunger is real. Children die from preventable disease every day. There is war, there is a pandemic, and there are parts of the world I cannot walk in and be safe.

There are flowers blooming, there are stars that shine, there are people that help other people. You might be able to afford an orange, or some fruit from very far away. The government will take a drawing your daughter created to your aunt in Poughkeepsie for less than a dollar.

Love it all. You are not obligated to choose it all, but you can love it all. Everything is the result of someone’s choice. At the very least, celebrate the fact that others were able to choose.

Who Should Celebrate the Wins?

Me. You. Everyone. In that order.

Here is the rub. I get to celebrate my wins. Without explaining anything to anyone. I get to choose to be happy.

You get to celebrate your wins. Without explaining anything to anyone. You get to choose to be happy.

Everyone else gets to celebrate their wins, without explaining anything to anyone. We all get to choose to be happy.

The happiness of others remains, none of our business.

What About Suffering?

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When people gripe about the world, I always ask them what they are doing to help the situation. Mostly, they are just complaining.

What you see as suffering might be insignificant at best. Somewhere in this world, there are those that feel sorry for me because I do not wear fancy pants. Also, somebody else envies me for getting to wear blue jeans with a hole in the back pocket.

The only suffering you get to worry for is the suffering you experience or cause. If you are worried, change your mind or the situation. If you are causing suffering… stop it.

The world is not a shit hole. There are shit holes in the world, but the world is not a shit hole.

Also, the world is not perfect. There is perfection in the world, but the world is not perfect.

How Can I Celebrate the Wins?

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More than anything else, find something for which to be grateful, and do that. It can be anything that makes sense to you, and it does not have to make sense to anyone else.

Be okay with the world. Send the world love and good vibes, and then be okay with how the world is unfolding. Your worry will not help. You might as well celebrate the wins in your life.

Create something. Draw, cook, smile, spend time with others, or anything else that takes energy that was once somewhere else, and focuses that energy on to something made with love. Make love. Not in the sexy, sexy, way (unless you want), but by creating something from love.

Breathe. Everything begins with breath, right? Be thankful for the breath you have, and take bets on if your next breath will come. Literally, make a bet with yourself, on the outcome of the following question.

“Will my next breath come to me?”

I might also recommend giving things away, but it is not necessary. I will say that sometimes you have to make room in your life for more, before you are able to receive more.

Celebrate the Wins Conclusion

Life is not as bad as the Buddha or Jesus experienced. Learn from them and apply their universal truths, but understand your world is not the world they taught in.

Your world is not even my world. And we live at the same time, on the same earth. But what we do have in common, is the fact that we most likely take something for granted.

There is nothing wrong with taking things for granted, as that is a part of trusting life and God, but we should express gratitude as often as possible.

To sum it up, just get a grip. Your world is not collapsing. Your life is not ending sooner than it should. Tell your good stories and let the good times roll.

You are a co-creator of worlds with a Source so powerful that it has created many worlds already. You are one drop in God. Which makes you a part of God, but not the entirety of God. God, none the less.

That is a pretty big deal. Own it. Celebrate the wins.

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And have a great day.

Life is not as serious as you might believe.
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  1. Avatar Kevin Thompson

    Ann Rita

    I especially like the sentence about people complaining but doing nothing to change the situation they are complaining about. I always told my team at work not to complain without offering a solution to whatever their problem was. Amazing how few would complain after that (at least in front of me 🙂). My Dad taught me that same thing as I was growing up.
    It is amazing how an attitude of gratitude can change your world❣️

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