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In the olden days, back before cell phones and rampant internet access, this world got along. This world was in some ways simpler, and in some ways, it was more complex.

I attended college as a religious studies student. I also worked with an after school program near my school.

There were kids from all sorts of religious parents, who seemed to be more concerned with such matters, than their children. As a student by day, and a glorified babysitter by afternoon, I enjoyed the children more.

Religion is a lot of things. People can be a lot of things too. While some parents worried I was the wrong religion to play Nintendo video games with their kids, some enjoyed me.

By the end of my time at the center, it was time for me to be married (to my first wife) and a van load of K-5 kids came to the wedding. They dressed up, showed up, and collectively gasped as I kissed my new bride.

The parents that had originally objected to my beliefs, became friendly, and understood that their kids mattered. Regardless of how I came to find them.

A Question

One day on a football field, I found myself with two other counsellors. One was a full fledged Christian, the other a member of the Bahai community. I had been to both of their meetings, as I loved the people and new friends.

We posed the question to each other, “do you think this world is getting better or worse?”

My answer was that it was neither. My Christian friend said worse, and my Bahai friend said better. Whether this had to do with our religion or our perspectives could be debated, but I always remembered the responses.

And Now?

Thirty years later, and after seeing a good bit of this world, I see it from all three ways. Depending on what I look towards, and from where I look.

Perhaps it was perspective, after all.

Are there bad things that go on in this world? I believe so. Am I obligated to worry over them if I am doing other things? Not really.

We definitely have more negativity pumped into our earholes with the advent of social media. There are definitely more people running around trusting people less. But, there are good things also.

I am able to video chat with people in Australia, Whales, Canada, and Washington state. I am able to hear perspectives and music from many eras and many artists. I share my thoughts with countless folks on a weekly and daily basis.


Before you build anything, you need tools. You also need workers. Understandably, the tools are more consistent than the people. People are complex.

This world is getting better, but it could get even better still. We can do that with the existing tools and technology available, however, it must be mixed with Love.

Love is a tool, but Love is also the very nature of life. There are a lot of things to say about Love, but for now, assume it is only a tool. This world, will become a better world, with the use of Love.

To Do

From what I can discern, there are still close to 40,000 children dying each day from preventable disease. Communities around the world have no access to clean water. War rages around the planet.

In some ways, it is the same.

Also, many people are working for affordable cures. uses 100% of donations to provide clean drinking water. And, there is a continuing underground movement of those that seek peace in themselves, to promote peace in the world.

Last night, the first commercial flight to the International Space Station delivered astronauts away from the earth. Homeless shelters welcomed people in from increasingly colder nights. God inspired us in our dreams.

What to do? Start small. But start.

If you cannot give money, give time. If you cannot give money or time, give thought. And if you cannot give money, time, or thought, be happy.

This world needs more happy.

If you need happy… download the free calendar here.

We carry each other. Whether we understand that completely, or not, it remains one of the most fundamental truths. We carry each other.

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