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Wayne Dyer is known around the world as a positive, upbeat, motivational speaker. His life in physical form ended in 2015, but in many ways, this is becoming Wayne’s World.

He had friends at Hay House (founded by Louise Hay) and around the world. His friends are in several places still.

Most of my days include some form of him speaking about possibility and the creation of worlds. I owe so much, to so many teachers, and Wayne Dyer is among them. In some ways, my world, is Wayne’s world.

Get This

There are reports around the world of Wayne Dyer showing up. Speaking to those who will listen and guiding their paths.

It is a lot like the self-help, spirituality, and positive thought movement, has gained a saint. Dancing between this and other realms. Like some Indian guru, or Mother Mary herself.

His life was spent interpreting texts and teachings for others to see clearly. Wayne’s world includes recordings of his “call in” podcasts, on Spotify, and his books are available on Audible and in print. The lives he touched continue to live on in this world.

Guides and Gurus

Wayne Dyer was a friend to Ram Dass, who had a guru. He knew Esther Hicks, who channels a collection of guides called Abraham. Also, Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief) shared Wayne’s friendship and focus on positive thought.

In his later years, Wayne Dyer wrote about a healing from John of God. He shared stories of how Source led him to various experiences in his life, all told with confidence and knowing.

It makes sense that Wayne Dyer would become to others, what he enjoyed most about life.

On Hearing Wayne

In as much as I have always leaned toward the mystical experiences of life, like Stevie Nicks, I keep my visions to myself. Why would I need to question or verify any of these accounts?

If you are not open to a direct mystical experience, start with a book. Maybe an audible program, or even a short YouTube video. You will find thoughts and wisdom shared in ways that only Wayne Dyer could share.

Be open to possibility. Be curious. And, be yourself.

The Message

There are several themes running through the body of Wayne Dyer’s work. But I will sum it up as best that I know how.

Be grateful for anything and everything. Always search for more reasons than “those guys”, when assessing your life. Become kindness and love.

Of course, Wayne Dyer made a living writing books, and speaking more than three sentences. This is just what I have gleaned from his work.

Whenever you read or hear Wayne, you might suspect he was for you. He was. He approached everything with an attitude of service.

Check Out the Podcast

Nadia Delacruz runs a group on Facebook called, “The Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community“. She is a long time student of Wayne Dyer and is connected to the Universe in beautiful ways.

This is the link to her website, where you can find conversations about Wayne and all that he means. She speaks with people who knew Wayne and those who have been affected by his teaching.

For whatever reason, she also spoke with me. After listening this morning, it sounded like two old friends having coffee, in some shop, in some city. You can find the “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” podcast here.

What Matters In Wayne’s World?

Nothing and everything.

So much is going on in the world, that you may be inclined to believe it matters.


What matters is what you might control. If you worry for the world, send it some love and meet strangers with a smile. If you are filled with anxiety, be grateful for simple things.

You are meant for more than what is happening now. That I know for sure. The good guys are going to win this one. Celebrate early in your mind.

Peace is on the way. Not by the conquering of unpeaceful things, but by each of us creating peace in our own lives. Living love, and offering that peace to others. That is not just Wayne’s world, that is the world so many desperately hope to see.

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