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There are a thousand realities in each of our days. Literally, we immerse ourselves in thousands of realities. Perhaps it is the new normal, and perhaps it is not. We step without caution, in a thousand ways, into the next room.

Where Is the Next Room?

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The next room is anywhere we allow our minds to travel, other than the hear and now. While many books have been written on the “eternal now”, we step into the next room as we read about such things.

If we watch a quick video by Eckhart Tolle, or Wayne Dyer, or Joe Dispenza, on the importance of living in the present moment, we step out of our reality for a time. Even something as simple as listening to recorded music, leads us out of our present reality.

When we speak, through a cell phone, or even in our thoughts, we are changing realities. When we do anything but observe without judgement, we place ourselves into other realities. Other rooms, as it were.

The next room is everywhere that is not here and now. At this moment, you are in a room I have created through my words and images.

Are Other Rooms Intrinsically Bad?

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What I am calling the next room, may or may not be bad. That is for you to decide. Really, only you are able to judge that for yourself. One room might be great for your friend, but not good for you.

While it is helpful to remain in the present moment, it is not the pinnacle of spiritual achievement. It is not only spiritual masters that remain in the present moment.

Moving into the next room with intention and good will is the practice of the masters we often revere. The world would remain dark and cold if there were not brave souls, who moved forward into the next room, with desire and compassion.

What makes the next room good or bad, is the spirit of those that enter.

The Turning Away

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Pink Floyd explains all of this in a more concise way in the song “The Turning Away”. Pink Floyd explains so many things in a more concise way in many of their songs.

“Feel the new wind of change, on the wings of the night.

We need artists, poets, and musicians. They will lead the way. They are already in our consciousness whether we know it or not.

Walmart pumps their words in our ears as we shop for pocket knives and pinto beans.

Like it or not, the words of the artists, poets, and musicians, have been engrained in our thoughts. These words may be the only things holding this fragile world together, so I am thankful for each one.

The Real Next Room

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There are other realities. There are other factors that affect our thought. Consider these words from Jesus, as he spoke of heaven.

“In my father’s house are many dwelling places.”

You may think Jesus said, “mansions.” You may believe he was speaking of a place far away and in a distant land.

Who doesn’t want a mansion for eternity? “Mansions” is just a poor interpretation, sanctioned in 1611, by King James.

Every reality, every dimension, every experience, and every thought, is a dwelling place. These are the very dwelling places Jesus mentioned as he spoke of heaven.

Hang with me here.

Where Did Grandma Go?


Whether she was run over by a reindeer or passed in her sleep, Grandma had to go somewhere. The real question is where did she come from?

The answer to both of these questions is God, or Source, or whatever you would like to call the origin of it all. Both you and Grandma came from, and will return to, Source. Source has always been and will always be.

Grandma did not go to a mansion on a hill where nobody is able to see or hear her. Grandma is not cut off from your reality now. She is in God and God is in everything.

If you open yourself to possibility, you will see that it is all connected. You will see signs that your reality is not as narrow as you might believe.

Grandma is in the next room, or dwelling place.

Tell Me Some Good News

where did my mom go

When I was young, and playing in my room, I knew my mother was in the den. It gave me a sense of safety. My world was calm, because I knew she was just a call away.

After I grew old, and moved out on my own, my mother was in my thoughts, and being a son, it helped me know that my mother could be reached by phone.

She was literally, a call away.

Now you say my mother is dead?

You say my mother has moved on?

If I want to speak to my mother again, I must visit a grave?

If I ever want to see my mother again, I must be a good person and gain admittance into a heaven where only the “saved” are permitted to enter?


The Real Next Room

Your loved ones are with you. Maybe not in a way that you might see them, but with you still.

Heaven is real. As real as you make it in your world.

You might also make your world heaven, as Jesus suggested is possible with the words, “the kingdom of heaven is now.”

Grandma is not the same Grandma, but she is with you still. Grandma’s hang ups and deficiencies are gone, but her presence and influence are not gone.

Grandma, and every other person that has passed, is for you.

Just like God.

All are in God. As are you.

Be Happy. This is the real deal.

It Does Not Feel Like Heaven

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I get it.

We get to pick our reality, but we do not get to have it all at once. It is a process of choosing each thought.

You are not going to get heaven from those that seek only to prove the existence of hell. The nightly news or the social media streams are of no real use.

Your best chance, is to go within.

Go within, with gratitude first, possibility second, and after a good dose of those two, creation.

Observe your world first, and ask, “why would this not be heaven?”

Then ask yourself what you are blaming God for, that really, is only the choice of God’s creation.

Baby steps. You’ve got this and your life is the miracle.

Peace. I hope to see you in the next room.

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