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I asked a question to someone recently.

It was implied that my questions were not valid, because I did not know what Chino pants might be. My mind went reeling… and I asked, “say again?”

Sometimes life seems like an Adam Sandler movie. Always with the over the top bad guy, thinking only of himself. Sometimes it feels like the cards are stacked against the nice guys.

The great thing about Adam Sandler movies, is that the nice guy does always win. In some silly and fun way… the nice guy always wins.

Life can be like this also. Mostly because eventually, the nice guys quit playing games where Chinos are substituted for self-worth.

For the record… I’ll say again.

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I have slept in beds found in luxury hotels and in streets. I have traveled the world and come home. My lifestyle has been viewed as freedom and bondage.

I converse with millionaires and those left destitute. My smiles reach the people that need that smile. The love I have for Source and souls is strewn through every action I take.

I sing and play. I speak and write. You might find me drawing conclusions or encouraging cartoons.

There is love in my life. More than enough to share.

Also for the record… let me say again.

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Not one of the things which people label good or bad matters much to me. The best thing is the next thing. Our best stories are yet to be written.,

The light I see in me is the light I see in you. The love in me is the love in you. We are all just different shades of the same bright light.

To the best of my ability, I follow Jesus, the Tao, the Buddha, Kabbalah, Christian mystics and the gurus of India. I like Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, among others.

I listen to Springstein, Dylan, Neil Young, The Cranberries, John and George, Paul and Ringo. Wyclef Jean, the Fugees, the Black Eyed Peas, and even Kanye.

The why of it all

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I listen to it all because I believe it all comes from Source and is filtered through experience. It is all Love because it is all from Love. Every experience a lesson, every word a spell, and every story a gift.

Nothing about what you are going through is new. Nothing about what you are celebrating has not been accomplished before.

We are all from Source. We all deserve respect. The future of the world depends on our attitude towards each other.

Say Again?

This bears repeating. Let my leaning a lesson be your lesson learned.

Let me say again.

If you are not being respected for the Light and Love you bring, take it somewhere else. If you are not heard for what you need to say, speak in other rooms.

The Tao speaks of being like the ocean and letting all things come to you. It is good advice, but the ocean does not stand still and wait. The ocean is full of waves, and abundance, and tempests, and storms. It is full of peace and tranquility and at the same time it rages and crashes upon the shore.

Be the ocean. Not because of what will come to you, but be the ocean because of the wonder that you already are.

And for the love of all that is holy, if a hipster, Chino-wearing, know-it-all tries to convince you that you do not have a voice, walk the hell away. Literally, walk away from whatever hell that person must be living in.

That last paragraph was for me.

The world is in too much chaos for matters of little importance.

Share love. Offer grace. Take care of yourself and stay safe. Peace will win and love will prevail, and when we do it in the name of those, the effort is worth the reward.

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