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For some reason I am compelled to share this story. Typically, I shy away from the good things the Universe chooses for me. It seems like bragging.

I will, however, shy away from SEO friendly text and topics here.

I will simply tell the tale in my own words, and hope it is received by those that need the story.

Three weeks ago, as Michelle and I were walking from our home, to a trail behind our house, I mentioned my morning to her.

Lamenting the fact that I had not seen my friend Eric (who always has a cigarette for me), I shared my regret.

Michelle does not approve of my smoking, and mostly I vape these days. Still, something calls me back to a cigarette on occasion. Kids: don’t try this at home.

Signs and Wonders

On the way back to the house, Michelle asked, “what is that?”

As I looked down towards the middle of the road, was a pack with a few cigarettes. Beside the pack was a lighter.

We were a little amazed, and when I got home, I lit one for the Universe and one for me. As one cigarette burned on the ground, I felt the abundance and expressed gratitude for what was provided by Source, which you may call God.

Now you might think the cigarettes were offered by some other entity, but I know that many Indian traditions on the continent prior to European settlement shared tobacco in religious ceremonies.

It was from a woman of these traditions that spoke to me of offering a cigarette to Source, which she called Spirit.

Fun story. Michelle and I spoke about the incident and were a little amazed. Secretly, I was not amazed. Secretly, I knew it was from and of God, and that is what I am trying to be these days.

From and of God.

Fast Forward

Three weeks later, after being terminated from my position as a district manager for insubordination and loss of confidence, I decided to walk again.

As I worried for what would happen to my family and me (we often forget the blessings from weeks prior), I looked down with a little exasperation. In the middle of the road, just along my path, was another half pack of cigarettes.

I picked it up and vowed never to worry again.

Upon returning home, I lit a cigarette for the Universe and enjoyed another. I thanked Source and realized I do not smoke that much. I took the remainder of cigarettes to a friend who I knew would enjoy them.

Take Away

My inclination is to figure it all out. My inclination is to wonder for how all of this life works.

I am learning to trust in the flow of the Universe. To seek intention and the kingdom rather than the praise of others. I am discovering just what I will and will not do for money.

Let this story be what it will be for you. For me it is that God communicates in real ways if we are open to real communication.


Just before the HR call that I suspected was leading to the end of tenure at the company for which I worked, I walked that same road. When I returned home, Carter pointed out a bird sitting by the front porch that would not move.

Now that is sign enough. Jesus asked that we consider the birds when we are tempted to worry.

But I had drawn that bird weeks before, in an attempt to compel others not to worry. I will include those pictures below.

Thinking Out Loud

May I just come out and say this to you? Might I offer that none of what you fear is real?

Would I be out of line if I reminded you that God is good, that God wants only good for you, and that love is the only response to fear that makes any real sense?

Is it too much to suggest that what you think about is what becomes real? Am I out of line by encouraging you to believe that your world, our world, is created with God, and not by God only?

I am taking a chance on the whole of that thinking. I am offering love and hope and peace to the world, and doing what I love while waiting for the money to follow. When I see a stranger in a grocery store or at a local park, I will treat them as if it was Bob Dylan himself, coming into my life.

We are all Light. We are all manifestations of the love and will of God. If I could offer any words, let them be the words of my mother, “act like it.”

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Avatar Kevin Thompson

    Sandra Ford Johnson

    Simple words with the heavy weight of truth, hope, God. Thank you for sharing & reminding us that God’s message is all around us if we would only look & set our hearts on Him.

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