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For nearly five years, I have been on a journey. The journey, like any journey, had a destination. Though there have been many who traveled some lengths with me, nobody knew the destination. For me, it was always, Zihuatanejo.

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Those closest to me will understand. Those who are observers only will be perplexed. Ultimately, only I need to understand. Even Michelle (my lovely wife) only trusted that we would arrive.

For some strange reason, there has been an interest in the blog from those who are perplexed. They believe that somehow I wish them harm. No doubt they will read this particular article, and no doubt they will remain perplexed.

The Path to Zihuatanejo

Many people have trod this path. Many masters and many beggars alike. All roads lead there, but some travelers become mired in the chaos just of the shoulder.

To get to Zihuatanejo, you must trust more in your senses than in your Google Maps app. You must rely on Source more than you rely on yourself. Hope, joy, peace, gratitude, and love must be your fuel. And your fuel is only the beginning.

Resting Times heart

Ultimately, you must understand that life is for you, and not against you. The good and bad opinions of others cannot matter, however, they should be nurtured along the way. You should be not only good, but good for something.

Seeking Zihuatanejo

Just like traveling on the interstate, different people are traveling to different places. Different people with different attitudes and concerns.

One might share the road with a rich woman or a poor man. An executive in a fine car or a vagrant who was gifted bus fare.

Regardless of where they are going, if you are seeking Zihuatanejo, your thoughts and your intention must remain on that place. Your intent for the journey must be set each day and your gratitude for the progress must be expressed each evening.

Every action and non-action must be only one more mile traveled in that direction. There will be rest stops, gas stations, pee breaks, and distractions, but the intent must remain the same.

Road Ragers

Some people who travel with you will not be seeking the place you are seeking. This is okay. Their path is their own.

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Their reactions and their rage are only a manifestation of their thoughts and journey thus far. With a little braking, or a little acceleration, those who offer only gossip, spite, anger, and revenge are easily avoided.

You are not obligated to steer their vehicle. You are not obligated to engage them in any way. Be courteous, but be focused on driving your car.

In less than minutes, they will be back in their world of worry and concern for themselves and you will be one more mile closer to Zihuatanejo.

Sharing Stories

The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we share with others make a difference. What makes those traveling to Zihuatanejo different is empathetic listening, compassionate action, and the clarity to see the good in all things.

If you share these good stories with others, they may feel uncomfortable. Your positivity is interpreted as an offense. Share them anyway.

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The only thing we can control is how we see the world. How we see each other. Everything in the world is a message from the creator when you are on the road to Zihuatanejo.

Music, birds, flowers, the reactions of others, and even our bodies all have messages and warnings on this road. Pay attention. Be kind to others and yourself.

Send love along the way.

The Redemption of Shawshank

People are weird. They look to me for answers without asking questions. They share my ideas without passing along the source. Some even secretly root for me, as they condemn my actions in back offices.

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Again, this is their path. I am obligated by my moral code and potentially a legal document not to speak ill of these travelers. Guess which holds me more accountable?

Some people identify with different characters in stories told. If you are wondering how I am and are for some reason, are afraid to check in or call, watch The Shawshank Redemption.

No matter who you identify with, see me as Andy Dufrense. One hundred percent, Andy Dufrense.

Concluding Thoughts

Everything works together for the good. What some mean as evil, God means for gain. Bless those who curse you. Imagine wonderful things for yourself and others… even the “bad guys”.

There is no blame to be placed. Nothing can hold you down. They cannot take away your birthday.

Martin Luther King Jr seems like a stern man in photographs. What he went through would make anyone stern. But he said, “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”

This is what I strive to achieve. One smile at a time. One drawing at a time. One blog article at a time. Offering love. Not so much for the driving out of hate, but for the possibility love creates.

I asked God to make me an instrument of peace. It would be foolish to advise the muse of all things on how to play me as an instrument.

I asked that where there is hatred, that God allow me to sow love. It is not for me to worry over each seed as it grows.

If you ever find you need me, come to Zihuatanejo.

Check out the drawings and shorter blurbs on the Facebook page. If you have not done so already, go to the home page and download your free copy of Mockingbird Ridge: The Wisdom of a Woman in the Woods.

Happy Day.

“Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And, no good thing ever dies.” – Andy Dufrense, The Shawshank Redemption

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