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What if there were simple joy hacks, to help us realign with our true purpose. Sometimes the only things we see are the things that demand our attention. What demands our attention these days, is not designed to promote our happiness or our joy.

What if there were simple joy hacks, to help us realign with our true purpose?

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We live in a world where possibility abounds, but we focus on the things that limit our ability to create miracles. We see just beyond our circumstance. Lessons abound, yet we criticize the teachers.

Some would claim that we were not meant for joy. Others would claim that our joy is dependent on the joy of our circumstance.

Here are three simple joy hacks that can literally change the course of your life.

Joy Hacks #1: Unplug

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If it takes anything but an ear to hear it, unplug it. If it takes anything but eyes to see it, step away.

One of the problems with what we call technology, is that it is often the result of someone else’s dream. Songs, movies, television shows, Facebook posts, and even blog articles, are someone else’s dream.

While it is good at times to draw from the experience of others, our joy will come from what is being shown around us all the time. Technology numbs us to the reality that exists in the world and to the truths that are always evident.

If you want to be joyful, create your own dream. If you want to create your own dream, do it while you are unplugged.

It may be odd at first, as we are all a little addicted to dreams shown and not created, but it will provide an avenue to joy.

Joy Hacks #2: Gratitude

One of the most universal truths that has been lost, is that we all have something for which to be thankful.

For you, it might be breath. Perhaps it is family and friends. Maybe it is a new car or bus fare.

Whatever there is that you are able to be thankful for, do it on purpose. Create gratitude even if you feel there is nothing for which to be grateful. Nothing is off the table.

Be grateful for the big things or be grateful for the little things, but pour on the gratitude. Your world will not fall apart if you give up wanting for a few minutes in exchange for appreciating all there is in your life now.

Check out this article for more on gratitude.

Joy Hacks #3: Perspective

We love to believe our opinions are correct, and we love to think we have it all figured out. We may live our lives to confirm that belief, or we may allow ourselves the grace to be mistaken.

If we understand that ours is only one view, and we value the views of others, our minds allow for inconsistencies in what we see everyday.

Do not walk around bewildered, by what those around us think and do, and give yourrself the freedom to be who you are.

It is not a matter of being right or being joyful, but about giving up the need to be right, in pursuit of being joyful.

It is not about sticking your head in the sand when bad things happen, but it is about understanding, that what has brought you this far, will carry you through what, at times, appears to be the ending of all good.

Getting Started

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What I know about you is that you are stronger than you most likely believe. Also, that joy is often overlooked as we look for joy.

In some strange way, we find joy when we are not looking for joy. Our joy is multiplied, when it becomes who we are, and not what we seek.

If you struggle with any of these joy hacks, one quick way to begin is by concerning yourself with the joy of those around you. Give someone a call, send someone a card, or buy them a small gift.

The paradox of joy is the same paradox of love. We need it to flow through our lives like water. We cannot grasps water by holding it tight, but we can let it flow around us as we immerse ourselves into what it is.

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Wrapping It Up

You deserve joy. You are a wonderful and miraculous creature. Born of Light and earth, air and energy, you are the very hands of goodness in this world.

Nothing about your past is anything but a lesson learned and nothing about your future need be anything other than joy and love.

Simply put, your joy is waiting. In fact, it is in your next breath. Notice it. Share it. Enjoy it.

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