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Drawing by my Uncle John Morris… great man, great church folk.

What about church folk?

My wife and I went walking this week. The sun was shining, the air was dry and cool, and we spoke of mystery.

Rarely do our conversations include theology, but it happened that she was bitten by an ant. What would an ant biting my wife have to do with God?


I asked her if she believed God sent the ant, or if it was sent by the devil, or if it was just a random coincidence. How we view events affect our ability to affect the world.

She confessed she did not know, nor was she concerned about such things. What was certain for her, God knew it was going to happen. It hurt, and God knew all about it, before it occurred.

I told her I believed God might not have known. That each possibility is created by us and God, and that each moment of possibility unfolded only more and more possibility.

She laughed and said I did not go to Baptist church long enough.

The truth is, I was plenty Baptist for quite some time. I have been plenty of things for plenty of time.

It made me think of church folk.

Famous Church Folk

Aretha Franklin was church folk. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was too. Louise Hay was a minister in the Science of Mind church.

Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) was ordained. Edgar Casey, one of the most recorded psychic minds, was a leader in his church. Reggie White, of football fame, was known for his Christian faith.

All church folk. Perfectly imperfect and living lives that mattered.

Bad Church Folk

There are church folk that get it wrong. Like all groups, churches house and include members who miss the mark.

We all know them, but it does little good to mention them by name. The harsh reality is, that what we see wrong in them, is most often present, in some form, in us.

Good Church Folk

We know these people also. Friends, relatives, and local public figures who, despite their being criticized, make a difference in the lives of others.

Usually, these people work toward the good of others without professing allegiance to a tradition. They quietly do good in the world and have a knowing some do not understand.

What About Ole Kev?

I am not a church folk. Though I admire those that attend, it is not for me.

My life has been informed and shaped by churches, but I am not comfortable there.

I have been on all sides of a pulpit. I have seen church from within and without. Simply stated, I prefer the without, more.

Giving Church Folk a Break

People like to pick on others in religious communities. They think they know better.

We are all expressions of Light, be it in church or outside of sanctuary walls. Less judgement, more love. Less hate, more truth.

Concluding Thoughts

George Sutton was homeless and was my friend. When I asked him to attend church with me, he said, “those are not my people.”

I understand, God understands, and more people need to understand.

Also, what I understand is this. We are creating the will of God, with God, in every “now” moment.

I am comfortable enough with the power of Source, to believe that even if the future is not pre-scripted, that Source has only my good in mind.

My wife may feel differently. We do not love each other because we agree on everything.

Create good things for others and allow good things to come into your life. It is just that simple. Church folk are just folk. As are we all.

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