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Recently, my wife and I booked a room at a hotel near the Smoky Mountains. We wondered if we could feel good about staying where there was no “room with a view”.

There were several hotels available. Many rooms had great scenery just outside the window.  Our favorite hotel was booked, except for a room with “no view”.

We were celebrating Michelle’s birthday, so I left the decision to her. We had no idea what to expect, but being the wild and crazy kids we are, we rolled the dice.

Upon arrival, we found there was a fireplace in the room. There was also a jacuzzi tub. The room was much larger than we remembered other rooms having been.

She called me to the balcony to show me what we had lost by not booking a room with a view. Sure enough, directly in front of the balcony, was the roof of the covered entrance to the hotel.

We chose to sit on the balcony, regardless of the view. Then we looked around, we looked in each other’s eyes, and we began to speak about the good things in life.

We even talked about what type of shingles covered that roof.

What happened next is not surprising.

Suddenly, beyond the roof, we saw the colors of a sunset. We noticed the lights flashing on a nearby Ferris wheel. Birds sang, spiders built webs, mountains spoke their wisdom without a single word.

Everything that happened that evening was a testament to the good that is in our lives. Dinner with friends, adventures in stores, and Nature putting on a show.

The only thing missing from our evening was the “ain’t it a pity” conversation about our obstructed view.

You have to decide for yourself if you need a room with a view. It is up to you to live with the view or change your location.

And here is the secret that so many happy people know. It is easier to change your perspective than it is to move every time you find there is no room with a view.

Especially, when there are so many other things to observe.

It is best to celebrate that for which we feel grateful. At the very least, we will find life easier, and happier, if we shy away from complaining.

There is always a room with a view, if we know from where, and for what, to look.

Believe Bugatti
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