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This website was started three years ago. Mostly for sharing stories that were longer than a typical post on social media.

During that time, the Facebook page was created. It has become a place for drawings and short musings.

I am proud of both the website and the Facebook page.

I share the drawings and the blog articles on several social media platforms. Because, I believe I can make a difference in the world, one smile at a time. Simple, fun, encouraging, and some say, insightful.

A few months ago, my employer sent out an ominous warning about social media posts. The rumor mill began to churn and some believed a team member was terminated for a social media post.

What also began to churn, was the purge of posts and friends from a variety of social media sites. People got scared. Fear was issued and fear was received.

How They Got Me

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Upon closer examination, they did not “get me”. I got myself. I responded to the threat like most people and removed my connection with the company from profiles.

My response to the decree was one of fear, and not confidence. My response was one of worry, and not observation only.

Somehow I forgot, the company I work for, could not take my birthday away.

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Moving Forward

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I will continue to post on social media. I will place my employer name back into the profiles where business networking takes place.

I am an added value to my company, and not some second cousin visiting for the summer that hides in the bedroom when important people drop by. My concern with helping others should be a plus.

What worries me for all of this, is not the action of the company I work with, but the reaction I allowed myself to have.

To Be Clear

This website was created to bring smiles, and to share my thoughts and experience. It simply is, what it is.

I am not a psychologist, I am not a corporate trainer, I am not a preacher, and I am not a self-help guru.

What I am might be best determined by those that read the blog, enjoy the Facebook page, or who know me in everyday life.

Turning “They Got Me” Into Teams

They Got Me
Love is all there is.

Every company has its strong suits and its areas where improvement is needed. Every team member has areas where they excel and where they need training.

What will be absent from my mind now is fear. Without fear, many things can be accomplished.

For better or worse, I will continue to build teams based on compassion, commitment to each other, customers, and the company. Nothing will change except the confidence in which I do these things.

Who Really Cares?

What it boils down to is this. One person reads these words at a time. One person views the drawings. One person will consider the thoughts they find.

That one person will be encouraged, will smile on a tough day, and will share that little joy with those they encounter. If they find the drawings crude, or the thoughts out of line with what they need, they will quietly let them go.

My words and images are one way of looking at the world. There are many. My ideas are from one mind. Many minds contribute to love, peace, and harmony in the world.

Take This With You

You are a miracle. Whether you work with your hands or in a think tank, you are a miracle. Nothing will change your world like you will change your world.

People need your light. At times, you will need the light of others. We are all helping each other in this time on this planet. Give a little, take a little, repeat.

God, Source, Universe, Divine, or whatever you want to call it, wants only good for you. If it is fear, it is not from that Source. If it is love, it is simply from that Source.

Call To Action

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“Call to Action” is a buzzword that describes what a blogger, vlogger, or marketing campaign would like you to do as a result of enjoying content. Mostly, I stay away from calls to action.

Today, however, I would like you to checkout the Facebook page, like it, share it, invite your friends… all that. I would ask that you share the website (my proudest moment this week was when my stepson said he recommended it to a friend).

And I would ask that you send good vibes to a world that needs good vibes.

I am still not selling any training, but am offering Mocking Bird Ridge as a free PDF. You may still buy it on Amazon in print, but the PDF is free. Just visit the home page.

Happy Happy

Resting Times let it bloom

Some of us are grieving and might find moments of joy. Some of us are joyful and might find times where we grieve.

Our quickest way to happiness is to realize that it is not a destination, but a way of living. The quickest way to live a life of happiness is to offer gratitude and make room for joy.

In the words of Louise Hay, truly be “open and receptive to all good.”

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