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Showers are not a universal experience. Certainly, a very small percentage of the world is fortunate enough to take a daily shower.

We are refreshed, we are cleaned, and we are missing an opportunity if we do not use them well. Simply put, showers can change our lives.

What follows is my practice, informed by several traditions and authors. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Kabbalah, Christianity, Hinduism, and a little bit of Buddhist thought for good measure.

None of what follows would offend anyone, in any tradition. Try this for 30 days, with every shower, and see the change in your life. Let me know how it goes.

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Before entering your shower, be grateful. Take a moment to pause and express gratitude, either in your mind, or aloud.

Gratitude for your body, the free flow of water piped into your home or business, and for the experience.

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Washing Your Hair

Perhaps in my case it is more washing my head, as my hair is nearly gone. In either case, as you wash, repeat aloud or in your mind these phrases.

I am whole. I am light. I am perfect health. I am a creation. I am a creator. I am abundance. I am prosperous. I am safe. I am.

Washing Your Face

As your attention comes to your face, especially your eyes and mouth, speak or think these phrases.

I see the good in life. I speak encouragement to others and myself. I see life unfolding in new and exciting ways. I speak gratitude and possibility. I see beauty throughout the day and I speak of good things. I see. I speak.

Washing Your Chest

Your shoulders and chest can be cleaned as you repeat these thoughts.

I love life. I love others as myself. I love everything that I am. I love every lesson I have learned and every experience yet to occur. I love.

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Washing Your Torso

Whatever we call this area where your reproductive center is found, think or say these thoughts as they are cleaned.

I create possibility. I create the will of God, with God. I create opportunity for myself and others. I create loving situations for those that need love. I create my life of tomorrow, today. I create.

Washing Your Legs and Feet

As your legs are washed, but especially your feet, focus on these thoughts.

I bless the ground where I walk. I bless the people I have met and have yet to meet. I bless the creation and I bless the created. I bless the sunshine and I bless the rain. I bless whatever comes today and I bless what has come so far. I bless.

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The Rinse

If you rinse all at once or if you rinse areas individually, as you allow the water to flow and remove the soap from your body, breathe in. Breathe in goodness and exhale negativity.

Allow all of the negative thoughts to flow down the drain and be covered with the goodness of coming clean.

No need for thoughts here, but only breathing in the good and allowing the negativity of others AND yourself flow away.

The Dry

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Use this time to get happy. Use this time to understand that everything in your life is a choice. Whatever comes today is an opportunity to choose.

Believe in the good and imagine great things for yourself and others. Begin the day or night with a fresh mind, willing and open to receiving all good.

Final Thoughts

It is important to listen to the voices that promote positive thinking. It is important to speak these words into your mind every day.

Be careful not to consider these as the only things worth saying. Affirmations and chakras, letting go and diving in, sacrifice and receiving, all have their place.

It is easy to be confused by all of what everyone recommends for us. If I were to give any exercise to anyone, as they begin the ritual practice of meditation, it would be these shower thoughts.

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Feel free to print and laminate them as a cheat sheet for your showers. Feel free to share the meditation. As far as I know, it is original, but I know also, that nothing is without debt to what got us here.

Also be sure to check out our Facebook page with the same name as the website, by clicking here full of drawings and quick upbeat considerations. We are in this thing together.

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