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Are you waiting, as John Mayer sang, for the world to change? Do you hope for better days ahead? Are you afraid to smile because you are certain your happiness will be dashed later in the day or in your life? What do we do with abundance in the midst of great suffering?

Everything is possibility. Everything is possible.

The extent to which you believe this, is the extent to which you will find happiness in this world.

Great news. You are only responsible for your happiness. You are required only to respond to your abundance or your suffering. Along the way, you may find a shower, or a song, or a text, that may help.

Your possibilities, while tied to the possibility of others, are the only thing you might consider. Often, we make so much about the troubles of the world, that we forget to express gratitude for the wonders of the world. The first and most important of the possibility seeds is gratitude. For everything. For what we consider good and for what we consider bad. Everything.

There are other possibility seeds, such as love, hope, kindness, pardon, compassion, and grace, but gratitude is the first seed we need plant.

Worried for the struggles of the world? Be thankful for your desire to help, even if you are unable at the moment. Worried for world hunger? Give one, five, or ten dollars to a charity that deals with such things. Does the current state of your government or organization cause concern? Meditate and imagine better outcomes for five minutes.

Offer love, even if it only to the ether. Grant peace, even if only in thought. Be open to the receiving of good, whatever form that goodness might take. Smile for no reason.

Beware of the voices you hear around you. Those voices Bob Dylan described in this verse.

While one who sings with his tongue on fire
Gargles in the rat race choir
Bent out of shape from society’s pliers
Cares not to come up any higher
But rather get you down in the hole that he’s in

That is from “It’s Alright M (I’m Only Bleeding)”. If all you did was listen to that song each day for a week, you would be prepared for this life and the one to come. I am certain YouTube has a version with printed lyrics. Do not miss the wisdom that Dylan has put out there for years.

And what about possibility seeds? What about the seeds we plant and hope to see grow? It really is this simple. We might tend the garden, but we cannot cause a thing to grow.

If our possibilities are not growing, we should not uproot the plants of possibility. We might tend to the soil, or offer water on hot days, but rarely is is just a bad seed. Almost always, it is the soil or the conditions. We are the soil and we are the condition for possibility.

If we are the only ones responsible for our happiness, and if we are responsible for only our own happiness, then all we must do is tend to our garden. The growing of your seeds may take the form of social justice, or doubling down on a goal at work, or even stepping back from the rat race. Whatever your garden needs, do it.

So many people in this world are content to meddle in the gardens of others. If you find yourself in the garden of another’s happiness, offer a kind word to the seeds. Share your tips on how your garden has improved. Be happy for those that sowed those seeds.

But, if in another’s garden, keep your hoe to yourself. Keep your negativity to yourself. Offer help or praise or get out of the garden. We are better off tending our own seeds than pruning the plants of others. Pretty simple, huh?

Not so much.

Making the most of each day involves what we offer to ourselves first. Live your life to the fullest. Be the gardener, but also embody the spirit of the seeds. Be the inspired, but be open to inspiring others. Become first, what you want for the world, and you will never go wrong.

I am rooting for you. I root for most people. If you would like to know where I learned my gardening skills in life, check out the article here.

You have this under control. What I notice about your garden is the way you care for your plants. Trust the Universe to nurture them while you are away. Good luck and good gardening.

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