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Each morning finds me sipping coffee on the deck that overlooks the backyard of the house where I live. The view is always hindered by the darkness that falls each night. Often, it is only me, the occasional skunk or raccoon, and my thoughts. Before sunrise, I listen to audio books or music.

Most mornings, as light creeps over the horizon, I take out my earbuds. The skunks and raccoons retire from a night of activity, and I listen to the sounds of nature. There is always one bird. I welcome its song and consider the absolute beauty of the coming day. As the chirping of crickets give way to the songs of birds, I consider possibility and what it means to offer love.

Before this sounds so serious, I might also add, that I enjoy the coffee as much, or more, as the sending of good vibes. This is the time, however, that I set the intention for the day. The time I map out what I would like my life, and my day, to look like. Some days those visions come easier than others.

But, back to that first bird. The first bird singing is not to be confused with the proverbial early bird that always seems to get that worm. That early bird gets “a worm”. That early bird does not get the only worm of the day. While I am an early riser and value my time before sunrise, I would never be critical of anyone that wakes up after 5 am. There are plenty of worms.

The first bird is the boldest of the birds, not because it wakes early, but because it is alone in its singing for a time. Perhaps it woke up early so it could be first. Perhaps it was startled from a dream and found silence in waking. For whatever reason, the first bird hears no other birds singing, and decides to make a noise.

What I know, and what I suspect the bird knows, is that others will join in. There will soon be plenty of other birds singing, and songs will be heard throughout the day. What excites me the most, is when that first bird sings without a response, and keeps singing. The thrill of the day, for me, are those moments when this pioneer of music, sings without response, of the joy found in the coming day.

Something in the bird cannot be quiet. Something about its song cannot be silenced. The first bird is the first bird, not because others have not begun their song, but because it simply can do nothing other than sing. It all has so little to do with other birds.

In a culture that fires employees for personal social media posts. In a society that steals ideas and claims them as their own for recognition. And, in a world where people treat each other as stepping stones to advance their own agendas. Be the first bird.

Others will copy you. Others will believe they were the first bird. Originals will be unappreciated, valued less than they should be, and even discarded as non-essential. Be the first bird anyway.

There are so many good things about living and working in the world. There are so many great things about being able to take your next breath for granted. When it comes right down to the matter, only our thoughts create the day. Only our simple actions will make a difference in the lives of others and ourselves.

Be the first bird. Follow your heart and be the first bird. Most people may not notice the song, but those who matter, and you, will know the courage it took to sing. And here is the encouragement found in being the first to sing.

Usually, the pioneers and the innovators of the world, do a thing because it is inside them and it needs to come out. Most often, those that create and find new methods of making good things happen, are not concerned with outcomes. First is overrated as a metric, but it is one of the best measures of character, integrity, and honesty.

Am I suggesting you forgive everyone that has stolen ideas? I might be. Am I suggesting that those that have usurped your energy to prop themselves up should be blessed? I might just be. What I know is this. It is all up to you.

You can only be first once. After that, you have to get down to doing the work of love, kindness, compassion, peace, and manifesting. There will be another chance for firsts, but after the proverbial cat gets out of the bag, move on to the real work.

For the record, I would have to take my socks off to count the number of times an employer, a friend, or an organization has used my ideas or products and never assigned credit to me. For the record, it never really bothered me. It is fun to watch them squirm a little when it is brought up, but ideas and products are hard to claim as original. Not because they existed before, but because the Universe has given me so much to be grateful for, who knows what is mine and what belongs to the Universe.

Being the first bird is about the creation of good things, regardless of culture, environment, HR departments, social justice movements, politics, belief systems, or grumpy people in general.

Be careful, however, because all of those people and groups listed just now, have feathers too. Their feathers might get ruffled if you believe you can create kindness and compassion without their stamp of approval. Real life is this. All the good ones end up dead. All those that create lasting change, draw the attention of naysayers.

Be the first bird and sing your song. Make it so loud and strong that the world will see your goodness, even if for a second, the birds around you remain silent. Your song is unique. Your life is precious. The stage is all yours at 4:30 am.

I will listen for you tomorrow morning.

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