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Religions teach us there are holy days. Religions give us saints and those we might venerate in some way. Religious people give us guidelines by which we can measure our worth through how well we adhere to this or that teaching.

My studies at the college level focused on religion. I even have a degree. Most days, I view religion as a great idea gone wrong. Most days, I hear proponents of religions speak of how they are right while others are wrong.

For me, religion is like trying to sell the essence of life (air) that a seven year old trapped in a Mason jar in some backyard. Yes, it is what we need to live, but it is everywhere. Yes, the jar contains what we need to breathe, but is both inside and outside the jar the seven year old is selling.

No matter how you dress it up, or promote it, or what value you assign to the contents, the jar holds only that what is available to everyone, free of charge. Religion, to me, is more interested in collecting similar looking Mason jars than it is concerned with helping others breathe what is found inside.

Am I a devotee of one religion? Nostalgically I might pick one or two. Am I breathing in what God has provided? More so on some days than others. Do I think religion is bad? Not in the sense that it is a path to the divine.

Sometimes I miss the structure, the easy answers, and the common belief. Other times I enjoy the freedom that comes with not having to dress up my Mason jar so others might see me as having worth.

There is a love that will find you in a place of worship or in your waking up at 11:30 on a weekend. Hear its voice, share its words, and know that the love is what is real, and pay little mind to the “how” of how it found you.

Some people believe they know what is going on in the world based on religion. Others believe they know what is going on because of science. What others believe is really no concern of mine. We all know what we know.

When we come to find that love is all there is, we might react more in love. If we somehow believe that peace is possible, then peace may be a possibility. I am not trying to make the world better, but I am working to be better at making the world.

Your thoughts are things. What you look for is most often what you will find. We can begin the day with intent and close the day with gratitude. Also, we might understand that our dreaming is not unproductive, but productive in other ways.

And as for you, what is so special about you? Everything. Am I saying that what makes the masters so masterful lives inside of you? Yes, and perhaps more so.

I am not selling Mason jars full of what you can find anywhere. What I am doing involves guidance. The simple nudge, the gentle touch of an elbow, and the pointing out of something others may have missed. We really do live in a paradise, even if others try to convince you it is hell.

You are nothing short of a co-creator of the will of the divine. Whether within or without religion. You shape the future and all of the possibilities that future holds.

That is a pretty big deal.

Happy Tuesday.

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