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Be Free

I’m going hard. I’m going all in. I’m being grateful for things where I’ve never been.

I’m thinking good thoughts. I’m taking a stand. I’m listening to music from a different band.

I’m singing with birds. I’m playing with kids. I’m not selling the farm, I’m taking all bids.

You see the thorns and I see the rose. You’re talking in riddles while I’m writing in prose.

You’ve got your reasons and I’ve got mine too. You see the problems while I see so few.

You speak of the future and live in the past. I’m sitting here wondering if hatred will last.

It might seem so simple and might just be true. The questions we ask are what we will do.

It might all be ending and it might have just begun. There is nothing new my friend, under the sun.

It is less what you see and more how you think. It is offering water to those that need drink.

So here’s to the beggar, the rich man, the foe. Here’s to the stories of love and the places we’ll go.

So keep what you will or give it away. Tomorrow is nothing less than a do-over day.

The trees will be breathing and the sky will be blue. Nothing borrowed is owed and no bill is due.

Each breath is a gift and each smile is for free. Just stay on your path, give thanks, and be free.

Avatar Kevin Thompson

Author: Kevin Thompson

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