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Dear Rookies,

You may have noticed lately that the world seems to be on fire. What is new is not the fire, but it is the fact that you are now smelling smoke. You may have wondered if there is any hope. There is always hope.

Some of you may be tempted to look to the peacemakers. Others might be inclined to find solace in material things. While one might want ammunition, another might cry out for change. One may wonder how to affect change, and another might wonder how to simply survive.

There may be a struggle within to forgive, while at the same time, there may also be a desire for vengeance. Education might seem like the solution. Love might seem like the answer. At times, giving up may be all that makes any sense.

Being new to the seeing of the world in this way, you might be tempted to help correct the world. There may be a longing to explain, or make logical sense of the struggle of others. While these are noble in some ways, be concerned with the only life you might truly affect. Change the person you with whom you spend the most time. Of course, this is you.

If there need be any stories to establish my credibility, I will share these. I have been pepper sprayed and beaten by officers without having ever been arrested. This came in response to sitting down, rather than following ridiculous orders. I have been financially sound in some parts of my life and also bankrupt. I have slept under the covers on beds in five star hotels, and also on the streets.

My goal has always been peace. My aim has always been forgiveness. I have never trusted anything simply because of the source of information. I am continuously learning to pick my battles and accept good things when they come my way.

Some people ask me about my religion. My response has become, “that answer can be found only in my living.”

Some people ask me about my wealth. My response has become, “none of it was ever mine.”

Some people ask me what I do for a living. My response has become, “too many things to count.”

But this is a message to the rookies, having just noticed the world is at the same time, both a shit show, and an expression of a loving creation. My response to this is simply, stay observant, focus on small steps toward peace, create your own reality, and go with the flow.

If given the chance to spend fifteen minutes under a tree or to get caught up on the news of the day, pick the tree every time.

Is it as simple as most world religions teach? Treat others the way you want to be treated? Yes. It really is that simple.

Is is possible to say there is only love when the world is full of hatred? Yes. It really is.

Hatred is just a mutated form of love, which has been designed by those who desire only for themselves, to spread rapidly, in order to create wealth, recognition, safety, and reputations for themselves. There is only love. It is up to us to preserve it in its purest form.

Welcome to the party, dear rookies. We all have something to learn. You may be the newest to dance at the party, but we are all beginners. We have been waiting on you. We will need your help.

Quite frankly, the ones that have been here a while are growing tired and can offer advice more easily than they can offer help in other ways.

Remember to take care of yourself. Remember that we are learning from you as much as you are learning from us. Be the wonderful and infinite, awe inspiring and eternal. Gratitude goes a long way in the war of peace. I am grateful for you.

Happy Sunday.

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