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Nothing in these writings is new or revolutionary. Let these words serve as a reminder in these times when the world seems to have turned on its head. Perhaps these words might help in trying times. Maybe even help in better times.

Things to remember. This world is an illusion. This world is real. In some sense, this world is a world full of real illusions. In other ways, this world is a made up of the illusion of reality. Do not doubt the reality of a brick wall as you decide whether to walk around or through, but also give little thought to the decision.

The question is not whether the world is real or illusory, but the question is what consideration we give to such questions. My practical advice is too dream big for the world, but move around in the world as if you were a part, and not the creator. Co-create and make positive changes, yes, but also allow it to flow around you as well.


One might think of Merlin or the Page Master when they hear the word wizard. Sorcery or magic comes to mind. Wizards have the power to cast spells and create good or evil in the world. Often, they are in the charge of authorities and/or the divine, and do the seemingly impossible.

We are all wizards. We are able to project our image and words through real time and space and into the future. Our thoughts are shared with potentially billions of others, our actions online create turmoil or blessings for those that stumble across them. We travel through the air and on land at speeds thought impossible less than 100 years ago.

But what of spells? Are we able to practically cast a spell to affect others and ourselves? The answer is yes. We do it every day, whether we are aware or not. Words spoken and images thought cast spells every day. Words written and attitudes portrayed change the world, every day. Ever wonder why the word “spelling” is used to describe what it does?

Great news… we are all wizards. Less than great news… most of us are unaware of the spells we are casting. Most of us (including me) forget the power we possess. There is a battle in the spiritual world, but most often, it is fought between apathy and intention, rather than good or evil.


Now more than ever, we need watchmen. The only thing that is worse than a wizard that has forgotten her or his power, is a wizard that understands that power, and uses it in a cancerous way and with ill intent. Watchmen keep an eye on what is really happening in the world. They see the projection of words, actions, rules, and regulations, and question the possibilities of both intent and their being manifested in the world.

Watchmen are observers mostly. They are also wise and offer commentary without attachment to outcomes. Not to be confused with Chicken Little, crying out that the sky is falling, they ask questions. Without conjuring stories of the boy that cried, “Wolf!”, watchmen simply observe. We do well to listen to these where we find them, regardless of their age or experience.

Consideration should be given to those called conspiracy theorists and also those within established schools of thought. Never with the promise of being able to say “I told you so”, or “Look at me”, true watchmen observe, ask questions, observe again, and ask more questions. Our ability to answer the questions do not compromise our faith or our ability to change the world, but provide introspection and temper the spells we cast, whether knowingly, or not.


We all live in the same house. Our perception of the world depends on which window through which we choose to see the world. Simply because someone sees a garden and the sunshine, does not mean that another that sees an approaching storm coming over a different horizon, is incorrect. What we see depends on where we choose to look.

Cooperation and growth comes when the person concerned with gardening hears there will be rain soon and the garden will flourish. It also comes when the person viewing the approaching storm takes courage when they hear there will be fresh vegetables for dinner.

What is wrong with the world today? We have an awful lot of people glued to their phones and television sets accepting that what they see is a window into the world. They hear manipulated perceptions and offer only worry and fear to those who have taken time to see the universe at work. As limited as our view may be, there is a difference between choosing a window which faces the world, and accepting only what others believe the view to be.

The World

What do we do with the world we have? Is it worth the effort? Is there any hope? If there is hope, how do we co-create more of the goodness found within?

My suggestion is to enjoy the window you choose. Notice every subtlety, learn to describe the goodness you see, and share the possibility found there. Be observant. Be open to the goodness in other windows as described by people in other parts of the room. Quickly forgive those that have not found the beauty in what they see in their window, and pardon even those that find solace in the fake windows of screens.

Be a watchman. Be grateful for other watchmen. Consider opinions that come from other vantage points, but always know that you, too, are able to change vantage points. Be happy with what you see or change what you observe. Give grace, share joy, and be the odd one every now and then. So happy for what you have chosen that others may want to take a peek.

If you are brave enough, you might even want to leave the house and venture out into the world. Very few have done this through the ages. Very few do this now. When one returns with stories of what it was like, cling to every word. Build a fire and stay up late, and cling to every word.

We are the creators of this world. We will define what freedom means. When trouble comes, and it will, it is the wizards, watchmen, and window gazers that will shape the future of our world.

Happy Sunday.

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