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There was a time in my life, when I could not walk from the coffee table to the television set, without falling. Once, I tried to speak and it came out only as crying. As I learned to write in cursive, my mind wandered to the importance of such things. Even in marriage, I have tried more than once.

I am happy to report and share, that not only can I walk to the television set, I can chew gum while doing so. Sometimes I cry, but language is coming better to me now. Though I do not use it much anymore, cursive writing flows from my fingertips. Also, I have been married for almost 15 years (even twice to my wife, Michelle).

We begin new things everyday if we are lucky. What makes us better, is the beginning of old things, in a new way. The doing of habitual things with a fresh approach, the tasting of foods, as if for the first time, and the enjoyment of others as if we had just met. It is always the same ole sun… it is also always a new day.

This past week, I discovered that Google could not “crawl” this site. For three years, my efforts to build a following, create SEO, and share my thoughts, were hindered by Google not being able to “crawl” this site. I woke up the next day and wrote a new blog. I drew a new picture. Nothing about my hindered efforts stopped me from creating new things. If felt good, in a way, to know that what I do, I do for the process, and not the effect.

We have always said, we want to change the world, one smile at a time. Perhaps we attracted the limited viral nature of the blog. Still, the mission seems to be good. One smile at a time is certainly better than “getting more and more stuff to use once and throw into the garage.”

For what it might be worth, here is some real talk about real things. The world has lost its mind. This is nothing new. The world is also a place for those with kindness and love in their hearts. Yes, there is corruption, and yes, there is goodness. My belief is that the goodness will win. We will all have to wait and see.

There is a new age dawning, and where we find ourselves, even in the near future, will depend on how observant we remain now. People are scared. People are hurting. It helps others and ourselves if we help those people along. Also, if we allow ourselves to be helped along in times of fear and injury. We are all just beginning.

Something happens when there is a collection of beginners taking the proverbial field. We get to know each other in new ways. We decide which parts of our story we share as we reinvent how we are perceived. Without hesitation, the team is more important, for a time, than individual interests. Better said, individual interests align with the goals of the team.

We are fast approaching the new age. If I might offer some suggestions for the transition, here are some for your consideration.

We are all beginners. There is enough money to go around. There is enough food to go around. Also, there is enough of everything to go around. Love, peace, joy. Compassion, grace, kindness. Share it all as much as you are able.

We are all beginners. The old rules will not apply. Some people will value others over themselves. Some people will work for the betterment of all as they better themselves. This does not mean we have to live under a communist or socialist regime. Capitalism will work just fine, but it will be a fresh take on that economic system. Be careful not to confuse it with simply bragging about how much you are helping.

We are all beginners. Information is everywhere these days. Some of it is accurate and some of that information is skewed and simply wrong. It is not the current president’s fake news. It is the exaggeration and amplification of the same tactics used for years. Maybe propaganda. Perhaps slight of hand. Certainly a distraction. Trust yourself to discern the truth. Find friends who will allow you to investigate everything quickly and settle on truth in time.

We are all beginners. There really are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Nothing is as it seems. Listen more than you speak and do not feel compelled to change the world. Adjust to the world and keep your vision and purpose in the front of your mind. If we all do what we can, as we are able, where and when we can, the world will fall out where it will need to be. Stay true to who you are and also be willing to change who you are. This is a lost art, but like I said, we are all beginners.

This is what I have for the week. Google may crawl it (we changed hosts for the website), or Google may not. If these words find you and offer encouragement, then something was done for the good. If these words find you and you believe them to be incorrect, some good was also done. Discussion and dialogue are goodness in and of themselves.

Mostly, and as always, we are grateful for you. Be grateful for anything. Mostly, and as always, we trust that you realize your life is the miracle in all of this. My hope is that a kindness finds you. My wish is that peace flows to you from unknown places. That you are able to reap where you did not sow. There is enough goodness for us all. Share these if you can, hoard them if you must, but pay attention and recognize these two items.

We should be thankful for all that is given.

Everything is given.

Happy Sunday.

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