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Sometimes it is hard to get it right. Often, what I am compelled to say only complicates certain situations. Believe it or not, the guy with the blog and Facebook page, finds it hard to find words at times. When these times come upon me, I find it easier to let something other than myself speak for me.

As a friend loses a loved one, or experiences something neither of us understand, a hug. When I am grateful and am not quite sure for what, I allow birds to sing praise. If I do not know what to pray, either for myself or others, a song. For worry, the pulsing of life in nature, and for anxiety, the very breath I breathe.

Of course, there are doodles. There are the offerings of anonymous gifts. Thoughts of appreciation, well wishes, or gratitude for what is around me. Imaginings of my smiling love into others and also them smiling love back into me, often longer than would be comfortable in real time.

As I experience more of life, I appreciate the teaching, that when we are unable to pray, Spirit prays for us. Which brings me to the question, “where is this Spirit?”

After some consideration, my only thought is that this Spirit is everywhere. It is in the water that flows in and out of my life. Spirit is in those I enjoy and also those I do not enjoy. There is nothing in which Spirit does not live. There may be some objections to that thought, but if you can accept that our lives are not the only evidence of life, then it becomes less difficult to understand.

Regardless of how I feel, or if I am able, or unable to pray, there is a flower blooming. There are people celebrating some accomplishment, or birth of some new child. A beggar has been blessed by a passerby and a passerby has been blessed by being able to give. My past is no longer present, without my consent, and my future is only the culmination of thousands of years of possibility. What I know inherently, is that this moment, is the only one where I can be.

And in this moment, if creation needs to be praised, or thanks needs to be given, it is not all up to me. The fact is, that most times, an R.E.M song is more encouraging than my words. Birds understand gratitude more than I ever will, and the only thing I have known with any certainty in this life, is that my next breath has come. After so many breaths, I am able to expect another.

But my breath is not me. My body, my ability to change and affect the world, is not me. I do hear the naysayers who proclaim, “you never know when you are going to die.”

For the record, I do not intend to die. Whatever it is, that is me, will pass from one realm to another with ease. This life is only an experience that was either chosen for me, or by me, at some other time. There is a mystery to both life and death, of which, you guessed it, I am not prepared to speak. But what I can say with confidence, is that I have known the presence of those who have passed and those who still exist in this world. If you get right down to it, the experiences are not that different.

Speaking without words is not silence. It is not removing ourselves from the world. Speaking without words is done best when we allow other things to speak for us and join in their intention. Usually, I try to end blog articles with a note of encouragement. Just something positive to think about, as we are prone to judge ourselves and those around us. Without hesitation, on this day, I am more than willing to advise readers to listen to what is speaking around them.

Birds will call to you and ask you to consider your worth. Water will beg for your soul to be renewed and wash away any negativity. Some song will catch your ear and help you consider the magnificence that you are. And of course, there are children. Fresh from heaven and not forgetting the mystery from where they came, they will call you to play. And playing is all we are doing here. Some see life as a serious affair. Children, if they are loved, do not.

With these particular words, I will advise the loving of things. The being grateful for things. All in the “now”. We allow others and circumstance into our now, far too often. There is not enough known about either, to bring them fully into our experience. Someone (it is not easily traced) said, “we do not see things the way they are, we see them the way we are.”

I might add, that we see things the way, we see, the way we are. We are pitiful slobs at times, and some (with hair) have bad hair days. We make poor decisions and we blame others. But at the same time, we are full of possibility, and the Spirit pulses through us. With that honor comes the ability to change the world in so many ways, but it does not come with the obligation to speak.

Happy Saturday.

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