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Where am I in the world? What am I doing in the midst of the suffering and abundance so obviously seen? I am floating between three, four, or even many more lives. Among all of the roles I play, it is for me to choose, in each moment, which life I live.

Mostly, I am an observer. An observer of my life and the lives of others. At once, I am both one with all and all alone. Without apology, I am abundant, I am grace, I am favored (as are we all). And even though it grinds my gears when I hear others speak of being blessed, I am blessed. But in what context? With regard to what aspect of life and living?

Also, without apology, and without hesitation, I have not yet turned away from famine, war, and people being disconnected from Source. Among my friends throughout the years, are beggars, those without homes, addicts and the criminally insane. Yes, I know millionaires and a billionaire or two, but also those without the proverbial pot in which to relieve themselves.

You might think I have some great insight into what makes one successful. By the same thinking, you might think I know what creates chaos in the lives of those who find more struggle than success. The truth of it all, is that we are all capable of knowing these things. And yet, I find myself with little advice to offer. What I draw and what I write is an attempt to help in some way, but there is nothing special about any of this.

I am floating between the worlds of possibility for both greatness and tragedy. There are those that offer thoughts which suggest we are where we are as a result of our past lives, or our thought process. Sometimes, people get a bad hand. And while I do not believe in luck, and understand that what is, is only love, I have not turned away.

What I offer others is a smile and a simple joke. I offer myself, in as much as I am available. When I draw and write, the process becomes some sort of imperfect prayer for the world. I do not claim to be a representative of God, though we are all representatives in some way. Usually, there is always good intent, but it is sent out and the results are not considered before another drawing or note is created.

All of this is said to preface this simple advice.

Find something to love. Contemplate anything for which to be thankful. Share a big thing or a small thing, but share. If trouble comes, and it will, ask trouble what it has to teach. If you find yourself offering trouble to others, reconsider your motives. Pick a path, or a Way of living, but do not pick a path or Way of living for others. Be happy for others as much as you are for yourself. Know the universe offers everything to you, but that you may not need everything it offers. Dream impossible dreams. Help in making impossible dreams come true for others. Offer grace to everyone, even and mostly, yourself. And finally, realize this is a team effort. All of anything that has been good for you has been built on generations of kindnesses given.

And the turning away? The one of which Pink Floyd sang? Never understand your success as something that has robbed another of success. Know when and how you might help most effectively, but enjoy what you are experiencing. Some of what you enjoy should be given to the helping of others effectively. We are one. We are expressions of divine love.  However, spend little time with that thought, and keep it in mind when what seems impossible presents itself.

You may have guessed by now that all of this advice is mostly for me. Selfish, really. But if you have read this far and have advice, offer it to me and others. If you find you need help with anything, use the contact form. I am not a mastermind or a godfather, but together we may be able to get us through whatever comes our way. Even if you have only a good story and want to share, use the contact form.

Finally, know that there are forces you of which you are unaware, that are rooting for you. Know that what makes your heroes great, lives inside of you. We are not our accomplishments, or our job, or what drive, or what we do for others… that is basic.

This is me, floating by, wondering what I am. What we are. And, how to help those around me. My suspicion is that we are co-creators with Source and there is only love… what is your suspicion?

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Avatar Kevin Thompson

    Ann Rita

    This is one of my favorites especially,
    “Find something to love. Contemplate anything for which to be thankful. Share a big thing or a small thing, but share”
    Don’t grind your teeth but I am blessed by you sharing your thoughts❣️
    Happy Sunday!

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