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Like it or not, there is not much that is certain in this world. Determining events and occurrences that will be favorable help, but really, it’s a crap shoot. Good news. Lots of people play craps.

With this being said, there are so many miracles that go unnoticed in each moment.

Your forgetting your keys might give the crazy driver on your way to work time to swerve without your being in the next lane. The spilled coffee on your shirt may be the wake up call you need to pay attention later on. That insane customer or co-worker may have needed you to listen for just one more moment, while the way was cleared for them to receive the love of a family member. To sum it up… you have no idea what is good or bad.

If we have no idea what is good or bad, there can be no certainty. Sort of. I know the Mississippi River is going to end up in the Gulf of Mexico. I know that God wants only good things for me, whether in this life or the next. It does others little good, for us, to try and convince them of this, but it does some good for me. It grounds me a little.

The secret is to go with the flow. Rocky waters or still waters, going with the flow.

Facts are, when I am in a good mood, I see these things more clearly. Also, if I am having a bad day, everything might seem negative. This is why I recommend some type of prayer or meditation in the morning. Some exercise of imagination that things are looking up. That, it is all, as they say, downhill from here.

As for the end of the day? I suggest being thankful. If not for the forgetting of keys, the spilled coffee, or the insane customers and co-workers, but at least for the breath. When we let go of certainty, we let go of needing to judge every item in our day. And how could we? There are miracles in every moment.

This is scary to some. It is scary to me.

If I have no idea what could have been good or bad, what should I ask the creator of worlds for? How will I know who to trust to help guide me through this time, in this life? How will I know when to find contentment and when to fulfill desires?

Just like the Mississippi River never asks where it should go, or how it will get to the Gulf of Mexico… I do not ask these questions. Sure, there are wish lists. Wants and dreams, longings and well-wishes. But how would I know what is best in a world full of all of these miracle moments?

What can we do?

Understand that you are at the same time, special, and not so special. You are the river and a leaf floating down the river. The thing about the water… it does not know where it is going, it just goes. It does not wonder about what lies ahead, but it gets to where it is going, miracle after miracle. It is both the vehicle and the passenger on its journey.

This sounds a lot like those who say, “everything happens for a reason”, but do not be fooled. That is only the judging of the moment. It is our wishing that we knew what the reason was, so that our minds can be settled and know that our experience, good or bad, served a higher purpose. Everything does serve a higher purpose, but we will never know all of the purposes that were served.

If I were a brick maker, I would make my bricks with love. Every brick, made with love and good intention. It would not be for me to know the plans the architect had for the bricks, or how the stone mason would lay them, or how the mortar was made. But I would make each brick with love. Knowing that what I created and sent out into the world, would by virtue of that love, bring miracles and wonder to all that encountered them.

Those bricks would house memories. Those bricks would shelter people from storms. Most likely, those bricks would be unappreciated, and seen as only “a part” of something bigger, like a house. But secretly, the universe and I would know, that the bricks that I made were special, because they carried the blessings of the one that made them.

We are all brick makers. Every thought, smile, creation of action in the world, and the reservation of action in the world, are only bricks. It really is, not for us to worry for where they go. Ours is only to think, smile, act, or reserve action, with love. Sending our blessings to those that are affected by them.

Because of the miracle moments in life, those that are affected will rarely cross our paths.

No pressure.

Love is all there is. We either embrace it and make bricks, or we fear it and use the bricks others have made for destructive things. We either create kindness in the world or use the actions of others to generate fear. This also, is that simple.

Who knows what your bricks of love will be used for.

As for those prayers and meditations… if these are only imaginings of what wonderful things the bricks will be used for, this is enough. Always grateful for the chance to help with the creation of heaven on earth. Always happy to be trusted so much by the architect of the universe, to build the many dwelling places in this house.

Stay awesome. Whatever you do, do it in the name, way, and with the intention, of love. It will come back to you… in miracle after miracle, though often unseen.

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