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When I was younger, much younger, I was amused by simple things. My days in the summer were spent waiting for my father to return from work and kick a ball. Back and forth, only kicking a ball. If it was not waiting to kick a ball, it was playing with a stick, or riding a bicycle up and down the same roads. There were no worries for me to consider and nothing for me to strive to be.

You might have found me singing for no reason. If you were around me then, you might have seen some of the drawings I created. My mind was consumed with imagination more than with what others considered reality. I never claimed that I was bored and I never wondered what better there was to do.

I did, however, as mentioned, wait for my father to come home and kick a ball.

Some people teach that children have yet to learn to be responsible. Others teach that the younger generation has not learned a work ethic. We fret over whether there should be participation trophies, as if that is the reason for differences in generational thought. For what it is worth, I work with several of these supposed “entitled” young men and women and see a great resource, and I have a great hope for the future.

Perhaps this group of 18-25 year old adults finally began to ask questions that matter. Questions that make the answers we believed in, look like a betrayal of what is real in life. Does it really take me to say that those that came before every CEO over 25 years of age, in the world, were doubted and suspected by the generation prior to their coming to positions of responsibility? Maybe the dream has changed. Maybe the dream we have dreamed requires young people to dream our dream to be productive in the ways we want. I enjoy the dreams of the elderly and young alike. They are not mutually exclusive.

What could I possibly know about any of it? The truth is, I post non-business items on LinkedIn and professional conversations on Facebook. I am as mixed up as anyone. What I am comfortable with is this. When we forget about people being people, we have missed the point in life, and our lives and businesses will be impoverished. Maybe not financially, but there should be some satisfaction in the work we do, other than finances.

“People” as defined here is anyone, anywhere. The main players, the vendors, the new hires, the customers, the decision makers, and those that carry out the plans after decisions are made. Here is the rub. is considered by most SEO sites as a spiritual blog. I am, as the creator of that website, and a district manager in a fairly large corporation, in both worlds. For me, it is only one world.

I have no problem posting for followers on social media that they are complete and whole, and then training team members based on their need to improve. Why? Because I am complete and whole, and at the same time, need training on how to improve. Like the dreams of generation “x”,”y”,”z”, or whatever we use to avoid interacting with people individually, these things are not mutually exclusive. Which brings me to the point of all of this rambling.

Like my father, I work long and odd hours. I am on call during every operational hour of the company I work with. I begin my days early to study, and report every night before going to bed. But in the midst of it all, there is a game or two of H-O-R-S-E. If not that game, some version of toss. There are hugs and conversations with my wife and conversations with friends and family. I love what I do for a living, but for my son… love is a game of Horse, and for my wife, it is a talk of our day and time spent.

And here is the advice I have, after explaining that I am invested in two different worlds. If you must choose a dream, dream the dream of the 12 year old waiting for his dad to come home and shoot some hoops. If you worry for a minute about the bottom line, find a way to connect with the people your business, job, or project, has given you the privilege of knowing. And if you find yourself longing for one dream or another instead of living the dream of your choice, take a breath, and be thankful.

The lesson here is not so much about business or contentment, but possibility. It is possible to have a goal and not be addicted to the process of achieving goals. Those of you that have met goals might be willing to speak to the fact of what happened afterwards. Most likely, it was simply the setting of another goal. Children have no goals. Children, for me, light the way on the path of happiness.

We must love what we do to find that path. We can either change what we do or learn to love what we do.

There is also this. If you have made it through all of this, please understand that by virtue of your being alive, you deserve happiness. Happiness is not always easy and it is not always necessary, but it is my wish for you.  And if you dare, buy yourself a participation trophy.

Happy Sunday.

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