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There are billions of people in the world. There are billions of experiences. Some are similar but none are the same. We may at times sing along to the same tune. We may at times share a common meal. We are never connected fully to another. This is in contradiction to those that claim we have a collective human consciousness and it does not sit well with those that claim to be “God’s Chosen People”. The world has the same sun. Different parts of the world have different climates. Like climates on earth are related to the sun, our ability to stand in the light of our Source determines our overall individual human condition.

I am not a meteorologist, a philosopher, or a theologian. I cannot explain why one person feels passionately about an issue and another person feels just as passionate about the opposite of that issue. For years I have held the belief that there has to be a common ground among all people. Some sort of common experience. In this way, I could justify my view that the Creator should be shared with those around the world. In my older years, I have found that common experience or behavior is not all that important a discovery. Just as I might work at a job on some days, mow the yard on another day, and even take a nap on others, the experience is only universal in that I am the one experiencing those things.

Like the activities I create for myself are not the same, the Creator created different people in different ways. Perhaps it is only our need to replicate our thoughts and beliefs that cause us to look for a universal experience. Perhaps it is our need to feel important that we say we could somehow affect the total consciousness of all the world, simply by the way we think about a thing or treat another person. It is popular to believe that the flap of a butterfly’s wing might eventually cause a tsunami, but what if it just created flight for the butterfly. Isn’t that miracle enough?

We create pressure for ourselves when we believe our smile could change the world. We put pressure on others when we ask them to realize the magnitude of every action. And some, even those charged with sharing the love of God, spend more time admonishing changed behavior rather than simply celebrating healing thoughts and actions. My son and I have always had the motto, “Change the world with a smile”. Each day before work and school, I ask him, “how are you going to change the world today” and we often times reply together, “with a smile”. Changing the world is a big job. Smiling is not a big job.

Not one time, upon my son returning home, have we had a discussion about how he failed to change the world, but we might discuss how he was kind to another person, how he helped out, or with whom he shared a smile he shared. There is so little time to waste on worrying if we changed the world for the better. There is so little need for guilt. My advice on guilt is this. Make it right or make it disappear from your mind. More than that, though, never, ever, ever, never, rely on another person to determine what you should feel guilty about. The Divine and you can figure that out on your own.

When it is an option, choose kindness, not for others, but for the sake of kindness. When you are able, share a thought of love when thinking of others. Not for the sake of others, but for the sake of Love. If you can extend a helping hand, do that. If you cannot, or choose not to, move on to the next nudge of the Creator. There is no score card. There is no running tab at the bar of what you owe to life. Enjoy what is given to you and try to share that feeling with others, whether the experience that brought them to you was in some way the same or not. Life may be difficult, but it is easy also.

All at once, we should give up, and press on. Give up thinking we are responsible for changing the world, or even that we know what the world needs to change from and to. Press on knowing that the world is better for having you play in it and that the same thing that creates a song for a bird to sing will create in you a way to live. It is not a test. It is not a race. Nothing about it can be related to a sports analogy (no matter what Tim Tebow and the Apostle Paul might say). Our shared joy will be multiplied exponentially. Our love shared will create a chain reaction of love. But that result is not for us to worry over.

One of the best things about dominoes has nothing to do with the game of dominoes. I am unsure even what the rules of dominoes are, but am fairly sure small children do not play the game. What they do with dominoes, however, is place them in lines, sometimes curved and sometimes straight, with care and deliberation, and then tip one and watch them all fall. It is fun. It is not what the game was intended for, but it is indeed great fun. If someone tells you there are rules to living and you are not doing it well, tell them some guy on a blog once said, “Dominoes, dude, dominoes”. Enjoy life. Not only by listening to others tell you how it must be done, but by making it your own.

You got this. There are things that will bring joy to others that others have not considered doing. You got this. There are ways of spreading hope that nobody throughout the ages have created. You got this. The Love you feel and need more and more, is waiting for you, not in the smile of another, but in the knowing that you made a difference. You got this. Your kindness shared today will inspire another kindness tomorrow, or not. Either way, you will have had the joy of sharing a kindness. Smile when no one is watching. Love when love is not expected. Give yourself a break.

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