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Several things will happen today. Some will affect us. Some will not. Some things will be created and some will happen naturally. We will notice little of what happens and we may want to dwell on one or two happenings more than others. Most of what we believe happens will be what we perceive and not real. This is completely normal. This is human nature.

We may have been offended yesterday by an action, or a word, or an absence of these two being done, or withheld. By others or the Universe. We might today, feel guilty, for something we did or did not do. We may have learned something about ourselves or the world that shook us to the core and made us doubt the goodness of what exists. These things, also, are a perception and not real.

When considering what matters, it is important to distinguish between what is real, what is perceived, and what sells. What is real is this. You are where you are meant to be. You are what you are meant to be. You are at the same time able to destroy life and give life, even if only in yourself. What is perceived is what we believe is possible. What is perceived is how much we think the actions of others affects our ability to receive good things. What sells are the horror stories and bad news we here in seven minute intervals in between commercials, on the local and national news. It is interesting to note that the commercials do not sell, they are paid for by advertisers, to local and national news stations, who are selling their product.

We convince ourselves after listening to the news that we are informed. We convince ourselves after hearing juicy gossip that we are interested in others. We convince ourselves that the extra we have, would not serve another with less, because they would use the money for drugs or alcohol. Our minds race about from one thought to another in a an attempt to “get things done” and we rarely spend any amount of time simply being grateful. We have somehow convinced ourselves, that the possibility of our death is not real, and that what we do holds some significance more than what others are doing. We judge the actions and lives of others, and worse still, we judge the actions and lives we live.

We often think we know better. We rarely do what is better. This is the human condition. Or is it?

On my good days, goodness is easy to see. In others. In myself. In the Creator. The things I own are not my own. The things I have are not mine alone. My goals are to help others and the way I see the world might better take into account the sense of wonder and purpose we all have. It all starts when I realize that the face of God has a knowing smile. It all starts when I understand that the Creator is not laughing at me, but is indeed laughing, because the Creator has seen all of my want and worry before. And when I come to understand that destinies are overrated, purpose is for those that need affirmation, and goals serve only to satisfy my desire for a destiny or a purpose, I am left with only now. I am left with the Creator whispering in my ear, from behind and from in front, “you are… you are… you are… I am… I am… I am… but you are also… you are… you are… you are…”.

Who knew that Pee Wee Herman quoted the the Creator when he said, “I know you are, but what am I”. What we call the Creator, what we call the part of the Creator in others, is what we see in ourselves. Don’t like it? Change what you call the Creator and others, and see how you feel.

Once I applied for a volunteer position at a local organization. There were two people in my past that had over inflated opinions of me and there were two people in my past that hated me for reasons that had nothing to do with me. I submitted all four names as references. My point was that what they think of me does not matter. It did not, and it does not. But what I think of them matters immensely.

Find the good in others and point it out to yourself and those you speak with. And when we are offended by an action, or a word, or an absence of these being done, or withheld. By others or the Universe, let it pass. When someone treats you poorly, seek out an experience that causes someone to treat you well. When you hear a story of destruction, find a flower and spend time watching it bloom. If you hit the little toe on your left foot, be thankful for the little toe on your right foot. If you have money in your bank account, remember the times you did. If you have little money in your bank account, look forward to the day you will have excess.

If you have the choice between affording a grace or withholding forgiveness, offer grace. Always err on the side of compassion. And always be grateful for the good in the world, even when goodness may have been overlooked. As for trouble, let it pass. As for the storms in life, let them pass, also. Do not tell your sad stories.

For those of you who say, “but you do not understand how bad life can be”, I will, and I would advise, letting it pass.

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