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If you are going to read this blog entry, please read to the end. There is a secret for all of humanity found in these words. There is a challenge for those that might offer relief or help to others. And finally, there is a confronting of old ideas and a truth that only ancient mystics know. Those that know me, know more of Sha-Pow than others, and will see the truth in the following words, being made known, only at the end of this blog.

In ancient Tibet, when warriors trained for battle, there were levels of training to be attained. When each of seventeen levels was attained, a secret word was given to the soldier who completed the training, that would release a power which made weapons stronger, the mind more focused, and opponents as weak as “the rivers that flow to the sea”. When the seventeenth, and final word was given, and the master soldier was sworn to secrecy, he (very few females studied this art in ancient times, though this secret is for all humanity now), was given this word.

There was only one written record of the word discussed through oral tradition and it was passed down to each of the many Dalai Lamas through his incarnations. The current Dalai Lama, thinking he was not being recorded, as portable recording devices were in their infancy stage of development, passed this word to a student in the early 1940’s. This recording surfaced in 1982 and has changed the world of those who recite it, in all facets of their lives. When repeated in meditations at least ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes before sleep, the word brings peace, purpose, and attracts all the help the Universe has to offer the one who births the word into the world.

Because I care for you. Because I take my readers interests as a cause for my incantations of the word. Because the world needs more peace, purpose, and help from the universe. I am sharing this word with you. The word is Sha-Pow. In the last two decades of my life I have followed the secret ways of meditating on the word meant only for the elite, and my life has improved in many ways. My savings account has increased more than 100 fold, my relationships have become harmonious, and the fungus I had under my left big toe nail has all but left. I have manifested running, clean, water into my kitchen almost every morning before making coffee. When my children pass gas, there are glitter filled rainbows that light the room.

All this because of “Sha-Pow”. 

Actually, I have been saying Sha-Pow with excitement since my early twenties. It is a word I made up when playing foosball and used to emphasize things that some people might use “booyah” for, today. I have been watching people for nearly fifty years. I have paid some attention to religions and religious people for some time, as well. Recently, I have been listening to positive thought literature and also watching documentaries on cults. People are gullible. I believe God is good, that God is a giving god, and that we need to learn to receive more than we need to learn to ask more. My general rule is this. Good news shared is great. Good news that can only be accessed through a leader, a process, a religious organization, or one particular text, is as crooked as grand dad’s walking stick… that stick was crooked as all get out.

It costs nothing to think positively. It costs nothing to smile. Can we attract things with our minds that make us happy? I hope not. I hope we use our minds to create happiness, and not things. Joy is not traded on Wall Street, but books on happiness are peddled in every bookstore and on every book website. Here is my recommendation for instant happiness (nothing to do with Sha-Pow). Be grateful. Then get on YouTube and put the Bobby McFerrin video of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” on a loop. Play it for hours at a time. You will either be happy afterwards because it inspired you, or you will be happy it is finally not playing in your ear. Either way, be grateful again.

Receive what the Divine has to offer. Do not receive what the Divine gave another and is being offered for resale. As far as Sha-Pow goes, use that one for free. That one’s on the house.

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